Cam Spice – Great Eversden

Cam Spice in Great Eversden is one of the best Indians in Cambridgeshire

I’m just going to come out and say it. Cam Spice is the best Indian restaurant in Cambridgeshire!

Absolutely superb from the team as usual. That lamb Tawa is one of the only dishes where I leave the restaurant dreaming about the dish for the next couple of weeks.

I also had the pleasure of trying out some dishes from their new menu, including the Chicken 65, which was succulent, flavourful, and rich. Easily the best Chicken 65 I’ve had. Their daal was also on point too. It was so rich and creamy. A fine addition to our meals.

I took my mother along, who had the Tiger Prawn Kerala, which was simply out of this world! It was so nice that I kept stealing bits from her plate. The mango and coconut really complimented the prawns. They say that the first bite is with the eye…and everything was presented so well. All the dishes had a real look of class to it, yet at the same time the cost didn’t break the bank.

The menu didn’t have a huge selection but you won’t be disappointed. They are clearly going for quality over quantity here. I really get the feeling that they would only put something on their new menu if they truly believed in it. This is a sign of a fantastic restaurant which believes in their cuisine.

The customer service and reception we both received was first class. Something we’ve come to expect from Cam Spice over the years. It really feels like a second home here with the staff all remembering your name and your favourite dish, even if your last visit wasn’t for months.

The restaurant is gorgeous too. Not just from the outside but inside. The bar has trophies from numerous awards spread across it with several Indian beers on tap. There is a lovely water feature behind it which you can’t appreciate as you stand at the bar. They’ve done wonders with such an old pub as it somehow manages to pull off the trick of being traditional and modern at the same time.

If you haven’t been to Cam Spice then do yourself a favour and get down here. They are not only a credit to Great Eversden, but the entire county of Cambridgeshire.

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