Zara – Great Shelford

An absolutely world class meal at Zara tonight!

The new refurbishment looked absolutely fantastic. I didn’t take enough pictures to do it justice but everything was executed superbly which added a great atmosphere. The new booths were not only comfy but also gave you more privacy and better protection from Covid-19.

It was good to see all the staff were taking really thorough precautions in regards to Covid-19 too. They were also prompt, polite, and attentive during our meal.

The papadums and chutneys were all spot on! The lime pickle and mint sauce were especially lovely (an absolute bargain at £1 too!). We had a chutney tray at the Sutton Tandoori last night which wasn’t anywhere near as good as this for double the price!

They had Kingfisher beer on tap which was great! I also saw Cobra beers bottles being served while I was in there so you’ll have choices on what to drink. We decided to have a Goan Lamb Shank, Mushroom Rice, Saag Aloo, and Wild Duck Breast.

The lamb shank was perfect. Usually I find Indian restaurants serve shanks a little too small for my liking but this was a perfect size. The lamb just fell off the bone and I felt like I had just the right amount when I finished.

My partner’s duck was incredibly succulent and full of flavour. The saag aloo was not only really well cooked but also not flurecent unlike a lot of other places (No food colourings here!).

We had a starter selection which came with sheek kebab, onion bhaji, chicken tikka. All absolutely perfect. The meat was so tender and bursting with flavour.

Again, the mint sauce was the show stealer. I don’t know who they supplier is but I want to find a way to have a giant bath in it! 😂

It’s been half a decade since my last visit here and one of the things I love most about Zara is all the bells and whistles you get with every meal. I’m glad to report that this is still the case tonight. We got a free shot and chocolates at the end of our meal, along with a fair bill.

I can see why Zara was no1 for 4-5 years on our Cambridge Curry Community poll. It’s still is, and probably always will be, one of my favourite Indiana in Cambridge.

Make sure you check them out!

Zara Indian Cuisine, 1 Hinton Way, Great Shelford, Cambridge CB22 5AX, UK

TEL: 01223 846 668 / 01223 844 244

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