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The Cambridge Foodies is not just a blog but a community, with 4 different Facebook groups totalling up to 10,000 food-focused Cambridgeshire based consumers.

With each group specialising in different aspects of the Cambridgeshire foodie scene, the Cambridge Foodies is a fantastic way of getting your business out there into the middle the buzz and hype quickly, with the support of people like us who live and breath your market.

What will you get by advertising with us?

You have two packages to chose from. One which lets you advertise on our blog with banners on every page and one which lets you advertise on our Facebook groups.

The blog package.

By subscribing to our service, you will benefit from a banner across the top of every single blog post made during the month/year that you sponsor. Pick a month and every post done in that time will permanently have your business plastered across it. 

This will be the first thing seen by every single person reading one of our reviews. This banner will include a link which will lead to your business. In the past 11 months we have had 36,000 views from 25,000 different visitors across Cambridgeshire. 

When you sponsor a month/year of our blog you will own it forever. Even if your sponsorship ends, your banners will stay on the blog posts.

…You will also get an in depth review to keep forever.

The blog package will also include an in depth review by either myself or one of our admins on the groups which will be free to share across social media at your leisure. This will promote your business by showing consumers what you have to offer.

Find examples of in depth reviews here and here. For our latest example, click here

Please see below an example of what your banner would look like across one of our blog posts. 

The directory package.

For £10 per month you will be given a slot on our directory page which will give our thousands of readers an overview of your business, including direct contact information.

You will also get access to advertise on one of our four Facebook groups. 

For example…

•  You will be given access to post one advert a week on one of our Facebook groups of your choice. This will be limited to 24 hours.

• Your advert will also be pinned to the top of the group for that time so it is the first thing seen when people view the group.

• Your restaurant/business will be at the top of our mind when recommending restaurants which match your description.

For £20 per month you will be given all of the above but will be free to advertise your business across all four of our groups. This will also be pinned to the top of the groups but also come with a 48 hour limitation on your advert rather than 24 hours.

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