Promotional Policy

We are occasionally invited to meals or events at a restaurants expense. In all occasions this will not influence the integrity of our reviews. Our reviews are always unbiased and fair, albeit our own opinions.

As we try to represent the entirety of Cambridgeshire, we try to make sure that we review places from all over the county the best we can and also try to make sure we have a healthy diversity of restaurants. The list of places we want to review is very long and can cost a lot of money and time to get through, so some restaurants offer us a meal in order to be reviewed immediately rather than wait.

We not not actively seek to solicit these and are always offered first. If a restaurant reaches our looking to work with us then we may suggest this as an option but will always be clear that it will not affect the honesty of the blog.

If we are invited to a restaurant at their expensive we will clearly state this at the start of the review. We are legally required to mark this as an “advert” though it will not affect the content of the blog.

We also do direct advertising on the blog which you can see on our “Advertise with us” page. All businesses which advertise with us are also not immune from the same rules as everyone else – this means that any reviews with these restaurants will also be honest.

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