A revisit to India House

India House proves once again why it’s one of the best Indians in town. I haven’t been since 2009, which is surprising considering how much I loved the place last time and I was incredibly pleased to see that the place has managed to keep up to the same high standard as I remember it.
The first thing that impressed me about this place was the incredibly beautiful Tudor building which overlooks the Mill Pond. I was able to eat my meal while watching the punts. This is something which to my knowledge isn’t offered by any over Indian in the city.
The staff were incredibly warm and welcoming. They couldn’t do enough for us. The menu was well laid out and reasonably priced. They had Cobra beer on tap, which was great, though be careful, it’s £4 a pint!
The meal took a while to come out, this could be something to do with it being a Saturday night, but they were so good about it and gave me a free large glass of wine, I cant say fairer than that! We still didn’t end up waiting too long anyway.
The chicken tikka vindaloo was one of the most delicious curries I have ever had, and this is coming from someone who has been to Brick Lane a few times. The curry was full of so much flavour and had a great smokey taste. Unlike a lot of other Indians in the area nowadays who seem to cater for the more general public and make their Vindaloo’s quite mild. Not India House, oh no. By the end of the meal my mouth was on fire. So consider yourself warned.
The place is large enough for large parties and the decoration inside is traditional and authentic. I am so glad to see more traditional Indians being good enough to keep up the more modern places which seem to dominate the city nowadays. All my favourite restaurants in this town seem to be of the more trendy and modern feel and I am seeing the rest lagging behind. India House changes that.
When we finished our meal we were given chocolates and aniseed sweets. We were quite disappointed to not receive our hot towel or even a wipe, especially considering I desperately needed it after the hot curry!
All my friends agreed that this was a great place. Nobody was left disappointed. I couldn’t recommend this place enough, especially if the weather is nice because the view is brilliant.

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