The Cambridge Curry Crew has been up for just about a week now and we have already hit a thousand page views (not including myself, naturally).

A big thank you to the original Cambridge Curry Crew Facebook Group. Also thanks to Edmund and his beard reviews and also my Curry Queen 3, proof reader and grammar Nazi – Sonya Giles, for picking up trillions of mistakes and errors on my reviews. 

We have had some interesting stats regarding our audience with a 1/3 of our views coming from the USA and even people from Russia, Australia and France. 
Our most popular review so far is the Tour Of Ely which is tipping towards 200 views. 
I couldnt have managed to reach this level of audience so quickly without the use of Twitter, which I have recently learned is a sensational tool for this type of networking. I have been networking and getting to know some great people in the Indian Food Industry through Twitter already, and though I always knew Indian cuisine was big here, it has made me realise just how BIG it really is in the UK. It really is quite remarkable. 
Whats next? 
We are heading to the famous Tayyabs, just off Brick Lane on Saturday to see what all the fuss is about. Famous for its fine food and phenomenal prices! 
We shall be investigating Kohinoor (again) on Mill Road on Sunday too. We are planning a “best of Mill Road” review which will be quite similar to the Ely Tour review we did before. We have just done Prana and Golden Curry on Mill Road recently, so we thought it might make sense to try out Kohinoor and Curry Queen quite soon, so we can see which one is (in our opinion) the best! 
Watch this space.

Thanks again!
*Jazz hands*

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