Planet Spice – Godmanchester

Me and the GF are thinking of moving to Godmanchester soon, so we thought about having a snout around and checking out the local facilities…and of course the Indian restaurants.

Godmanchester has only one Indian restaurant, which is located on the river. The place is easy to miss as it appears quite small but soon becomes bigger once you are inside.
The place is decorated in warm yellow and red colours with lots of stunning Indian art work and mood lighting. Planet Spice is equipped with a disabled toilet which is great to see as this is often overlooked in many establishments.

The food on the menu was decently priced and has a good selection of Indian beers on tap (Cobra and Mongoose).

The papadums and sauces were average at best with the lime pickle and onion salad being cut in large chunks which made it fiddly and impractical to eat. The mango chutney was very bland too.

The food came out in good time despite being very busy, it was all presented well and looked great. The saag aloo was executed absolutely perfectly and the mushroom rice was full of flavour.

The lamb tikka vindaloo was not without its charm but failed to inspire, it was also very mild, which was disappointing. There was an average amount of lamb and it was prepared to a decent quality.

The place was packed, which i think is more down to the fact one Indian owns the whole Godmanchester area, rather than its shining quality, but Planet Spice did offer decent food at a good price with fast reasonable service.

I was really pleased to receive a very decent quality hot towel and chocolate after my meal, which always puts a smile on my face as it’s a practise slowly becoming rarer and rarer to see nowadays.

I don’t recommend traveling far to try Planet Spice but i can imagine it serving the local community well. I can see why it’s popular. I look forward to investigating it further and perhaps trying out some of the Indian restaurants Huntington has to offer in the future.

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