What’s all this I’m hearing about ‘Grill Plug’?

I am hearing a lot of hype about Grill Plug on the Cambridge Foodies Facebook group as of late. Located in Cambridge, at the Barnwell Business Park, Grill Plug offers American style smash burgers delivered straight to your door.

For those of you who don’t already know, smash burgers are when you get a ball of mince and smash it into a flat metal grill. This enables more of the mince to make contact with the grill which crisps up a greater surface area and traps in more of the fat. During the cooking process this leads to the burger being cooked in its own juices, sealing in more of the flavour.

With numerous burger joints in Cambridge already, it’s going to be hard to break the market. But by offering a slightly different take on burgers, the team at Grill Plug could just stand out enough to make a success of it. I have never tried a smash burger myself, so I decided to pop by to see what it was all about.

We started off with their buffalo wings. These were not only delicious but something quite special. They were crispy, succulent, and had decent portions too. You can order these mild or spicy. I’ll leave you with the photo above to speak for itself. If you order from Grill Plug and do not order the wings then you are doing yourself a huge disservice. These, in my opinion, are as central to Grill Plug as the burgers.

Next, we had potato waffles caked in cheese, chillies, and jalepino’s. These were beautifully presented with brilliant vivid colours which made the dish pop the moment you opened the box. It was a frantic mess of utter delight. This is something you need to be careful while eating, I highly recommend a fork. Yet, at the same time, there is something about this which just cries out to be eaten with your fingers…the messy way!

We decided to sample the chicken and beef burgers in order to get a better idea of what Grill Plug had to offer.

The beef burger was exactly as I was expecting. It was succulent, juicy, and melted in my mouth. The texture was absolutely perfect. The burger bun did a great job at holding together even after being in the car for 20 minutes. Like with the waffles, this can get messy. Though this is part of the fun. Everything is just dripping with flavour and fun!

I noticed a very deep flavour in the beef, which is something which can often be missed with burgers, mostly because there are so many other ingredients which masks the flavour. After speaking with the team, they explained that the term ‘Grill Plug’ is supposed to mean “the source” of the grill. This means that they go that extra mile to make sure that the beef is acquired from locally sourced farms in Cambridgeshire. This is impressive for a takeaways burger joint and gives you an idea of the passion and dedication that the team has to provide excellence. You certainly notice it in the bite and it is a great example of how Grill Plug may just manage to stand out from other burger joints in the city.

Speaking of which, they have already caught the eye of a few of our fellow Cambridge Foodies.

Finally got to try the new Plug in town.
The Grill Plug The smash burger was one of the best that I have had the privilege in devouring. Burger was Juicy, with a good balance of sauce against meat. The patties literally melted in my mouth, absolutely smashed it boys!!
The loaded fries were exactly what it said on the box. What stood out is how fresh the ingredients were ie the salads used on the fries, very moreish.
The service was very prompt as its delivery only.
The drivers very polite and professional.
You can see thier is a lot of love and passion gone into the brand.
I hope you guys keep up the consistency and wish you the very Best of luck with your new venture.

Amin Syed

Well I would like to introduce you to the grill plug, on facebook so please check them out and give a follow, we’ll I went for some variety so went for the 2on2 with buffalo sauce and cheese, gotta say very tasty, I would have like it bigger but can’t have it all, rich juicy meat tho, I got some waffle fries, ziggy fries, all tasty fresh, I also had some loaded fries with beef and Mexican salad , bangin btw, I have chicken marinated in some sweet sticky spicy marinade which I wish came in toothpaste form lmao, few different shakes to try , Mars bar brownie and oreo, kids had some other flavours, all in all a very nice meal, defo recommend to anyone e looking for a messy meal to enjoy fully with your hands , please feel free to leave comments, thanks for reading .

Daniel Huckle

Unanimous praise!

If you are interested in giving them a go then make sure to visit their Facebook page. I don’t know about you but I’ll certainly be giving it a smash!

Don’t forget to visit back as we add more comments and reviews as more of our foodies visit!

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Wendy’s – Huntingdon (Brampton)

I don’t eat fast food frequently but I have always felt like there is a time and a place for it. I am aware that I will likely get a few scoffs for writing a review on a fast food chain for a foodie blog but I have had Wendy’s on my radar for years. Even during my two visits to the USA, Wendy’s has somehow managed to escape me, which is a shame as I have heard that it is one of the better fast food franchises available from the states.

When I heard that Wendy’s was opening in Cambridgeshire my ears immediately pricked up. It was certainly going to be cheaper than going back to America to try and it’s always good to have more choice in the market. As Wendy’s is quite rare in the UK, the foodie box ticker in me couldn’t resist visiting.

I have always wondered whether it really made much difference which fast food outlet I visited. A lot of people would tell you that they are all the same. Could Wendy’s really offer anything which Burger King and McDonalds didn’t already? There is not a huge difference between the ones which are already in the UK, so what makes Wendy’s think that they could muscle into the British market?

There is only one way to find out!

Upon arriving, the place was very new and clean. It looks like this venue was built exclusively for Wendy’s. The place was a little sterile but certainly better than the public toilet design of Five Guys. It was incredibly spacious and they had a good amount of seating available.

Looking at the menu, there was a fairly standard choice when compared to other fast food joints. Burgers (which were square), bacon burgers, chicken burgers, and nuggets. They offered Cesar salad which was a nice touch, as well as chili portions and curried bean burgers. Nothing revolutionary but a few little things which might interest people. Considering that Wendy’s is right next to a Burger King and a Subway, you may want to visit for the Cesar salad or the curried burger.

Prices came to £21 for two meal deals. This comes to about the same price as Burger King, which comes to around a tenner for one of their Memphis burgers or other specialist meals.

I went for the “baconator” which boasts to be a half pound of British beef, American cheese, and 6 pieces of Applewood smoked bacon. As expected, the burger was square but the roll was still round. I’m not really sure what this offered but what the hey!

Wendy’s proudly boasts that they never freeze their burgers, which is something other fast food joints cannot say. I must admit, my wife and I did agree that the burgers tasted more meaty and less greasy than other rivals. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it. Sizes were slightly smaller than Burger King but larger than McDonald’s burgers.

I also noticed that the lettuce used in my wife’s burger looked incredibly green and fresh, something I don’t think I have seen at a fast food outlet before. Usually all vegetation looks incredibly sad in fast food.

The chips were excellent. They still had their skins on and were very salty. Just the way I like em! They were certainly my preference over McDonald and Burger King chips.  There is an unlimited supply of ketchup but mayo and BBQ sauce was 30p extra.

Wendy’s brioche style burger buns are also my favourite out of the other fast food chains. Burger King, for example, has a very dry and flakey seeded bun which more often than not collapses towards the end of the meal. I had this experience with Burger King only the other day while at Addenbrookes hospital, and it is not very pleasant.

The drinks machines give you a wide choice of sodas which ranged all the way from Dr Pepper, Coca cola, Fanta, and Sprite. This is fairly standard with other fast food outlets but the difference here is that they let you mix different flavours like vanilla and cherry into your drinks. Better yet, you get unlimited refills! This is very common with places such as Five Guys but isn’t offered anywhere else from Wendy’s rivals.

Me being me, I decided to try and have some fun by trying to make the most disgusting mix possible. The best I could come up with is a vanilla sprite 😂🤮 Good times!

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Wendy’s. It’s a little more expensive than McDonald’s which will always remain the value king of fast food but you will notice a significant quality boost for the extra money at Wendy’s.

Wendy’s hovers around the same prices as Burger King and Five Guys. It’s interior and overall experience is aesthetically similar to Five Guys and offers the same kind of quality. This, I feel, is the kind of fast food establishment which you should be thinking of when looking at Wendy’s.

I feel Wendy’s can really hurt Burger King as it offers better quality at the same price. Especially since Wendy’s is right next door to the one in Brampton. Wendy’s also offers some different choices where Burger King has a very tired and generic menu and does not even have a drinks machine.

Have you been to Wendy’s? What do you think? Can I survive in a very competitive fast food market?

Bravo Patisserie – Mill Road

This is a short and sweet review but I wanted to share my love for Bravo Patisserie. It has been a family favourite of ours for a while now and is often the place we go to when we want something indulgent for a special occasion.

Bravo Patisserie always has a good selection of cakes and pastries which are marvously presented to give any event that little extra pop. The photos really don’t do it justice but there is something for everyone here and they will also do cakes to order. Looking on their Facebook page, I had seen Jurassic Park cakes all the way to Birthday cakes.

Coffee is served but there is also some incredible baklava, which I struggle to resist on every visit as it’s one of my favourite foods. This makes it a great place to pop in for a drink and a snack as well as visiting to shop. Keep that in mind the next time you are down Mill Road and fancy popping into the coffee shop.

Baklava is a sweet layered pastry dish with chopped nuts, syrup, and honey. There are lots of places to buy Baklava down Mill Road but I find theirs is some of my favourite.

The selection of cakes is what makes Bravo Patisserie really stand out. They are absolutely delicious and incredibly moreish. Their presentation is excellent and often goes with themes depending on the time of year. My mother bought a very special cake over Christmas, which I still think about today. A little piece of fruit inside was a nice touch.

The next time you are down Mill Road and fancy a coffee and something sweet, make sure to pop by. You won’t regret it.

Address: 164 Mill Rd, Cambridge CB1 3LP

Website: http://www.bravopatisseriecafe.co.uk/

Thanks for reading.

The Bagel Bar – Ely

It was New Year’s eve and my wife and I were wandering around Ely looking for a bit of lunch. Unfortunately, many places were surprisingly closed (despite it not being a bank holiday). Luckily, for us, The Bagel Bar, a micro roastery located just off Ely market, was open and serving, so we decided to pay them a visit.

What I like about Bagel Bar is that it tries to work with as many local producers as possible. Most notably Silver Oak Coffee but also an unspecified local bakery. Everything is done sustainably with recyclable and biodegradable packaging but also with a huge emphasis on not working with large corporations, which have historically been responsible for harming the environment.

Historically coffee producers have received a pretty raw deal from large multi-national food corporations. This has meant producers have received inadequate remuneration, been forced to decimate rainforest to increase production and use chemicals such as DEET to control pests. The knock on effects of these practices include increased rates of illness amongst workers, the removal of animal and bird habitats resulting in ever decreasing numbers and the dumping of billions of tons of waste product into river systems. All this is to provide cheap instant coffee, of which the UK is one of the largest consumers.

My wife went for the “big easy” which consists of sausage, bacon, Gouda cheese, and a “local” fried egg. This came to £6.50.

I went for the Frazzle with a seeded bun, which consisted of roast ham, coffee maple bacon, melted brie and Gouda cheese.

Sizes of the Bagels were modest for £6.50/£6.95 but considering that ingredients were locally sourced and sustainable this was probably a fair price.

The coffee was excellent, as you would expect from Silver Oak. I highly recommend the chocolate flakes as it really makes a difference. For me, this is probably the best coffee in the city.

My wife and I were both in agreement that the chips were (surprisingly) the star of the show. They are simply hand cut chips served crispy but they really stood out to us. Portions were decent for £2.45 but also came with some absolutely delicious (what I assume is) home made tomato sauce and garlic mayo. I highly recommend it.

The weather was not overly pleasant on the day but it was great sitting in the little courtyard near the Ely market square and watching the world go by. They provide little gazebos so you can sit outside and people watch no matter the weather, so it’s always worth a visit, especially if you are a dog owner. Dog treats and water are provided.

For more information, visit The Bagel Bar website.

Pimp My Fish – Chesterton Road

On a freezing cold winter’s night, for some bizarre reason still unknown to myself, I decided to battle my way through the Milton Road roadworks, the ice and snow, and the cyclists flying out of the dark with no lights on like some Atari computer game, all with the purpose of finally visiting Pimp My Fish.

Luckily, I was able to order on their website before arriving, so I was able to turn up and pick up without too much waiting in the cold. I thoroughly recommend doing this, especially if you are driving into Cambridge.

The menu was small but had a really good and diverse selection of options. Obviously, you had fish and chips but also tacos, burritos, burger and chips, and large sausages. All the things you’d expect from a fish and chips place. You even got your mushy peas and curry sauce, as well as home made desserts.

As it was my first time, I decided to order their signature dish, the aptly named ‘Signature Fish & Chips’. The first thing I noticed was that it was priced at £10.50. This was quite surprising as a large cod at Rumbles was only £9.50 during my last visit. Keeping in mind that all the fish at Pimp My Fish are responsibly sourced from sustainable fish stocks and the chips are double fried, in terms of value and quality, it seems to be winning already. Rumbles can make no such claim on sustainability and also did not come with chips with their price.

The curry sauce was immense. A completely different league compared to the usual fish and chips curry sauces we are all used to. This feels like it was made at an authentic Indian/Bangladeshi restaurant. I got a real zesty note from the sauce which really complimented the fish. This came to £2.50 which is getting quite high for a sauce but the quality was on another level. I highly recommend this.

A thing of beauty. Their sustainably sourced cod and double fried chips with curry sauce poured all over from head to tail.

Fellow Cambridge Foodies admin, Sean, joined me for dinner and ordered the B.I.G Burger and chips. This consisted of crispy panko cod with wasabi tarte sauce, spicy peppers, candied lemons, and a toasted brioche bun. He also had a pot of the curry sauce.

I had the B.I.G. Burger with Chips and Curry Sauce, and was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. It was like a fish finger sandwich pepperred with little bursts of flavour, the highlight undoubtedly being the candied lemon. The lemon took me a little by surprise, having ordered the day before. I wasn’t sure after the first bite, but as I went on I realised it balanced the sandwich quite well and offset the heat from the roquito peppers nicely.

Chips are always a contentious topic, and I have to say, I thought they were excellent. A little crunchy for my taste, as I tend to prefer a floppier chip shop chip. I can imagine them being absolutely amazing with a nice steak, and using them to mop up the juices. They were served with Sriracha Mayo, which I did enjoy, but I would have perhaps preferred a high quality plain mayonnaise as the meal was already hitting hard with punchy flavours. This was even before factoring in the curry sauce, which SLAPPED so hard I don’t think I’ll look at chipshop curry sauce in the same way ever again. Resulting in me putting something from a chippy in the fridge to enjoy the next day for the first time in my life, and I’ve had my fair share of chippy teas!

They’ve not reinvented the wheel here, but they’ve definitely put some bells and whistles on the cart. All the while maintaining a price point comparible with a regular mid-range chip shop.

I was not sure what to expect from Pimp My Fish before coming here. Is it gourmet? Is it just a bog standard fish and chips? Was there a gimmick? The answer, I feel, is neither. It’s just good quality, ethically sourced fish, with double fried chips with some of the best fish and chip shop curry sauce I’ve ever had. Everything is done very well but is also reasonably priced for what you get. You are looking at slightly more than your standard fish and chips but certainly getting that (and more) in quality.

Is it worth a battle through the ice heart of Cambridge rush hour? Probably not, with so many other fish and chips between but if Pimp My Fish is ever in the area, this will be my first choice every time.

Thanks for reading!

Wildwood – The chain which gets it right for parents.

Once a year my childhood friends and I gather up the kids and meet up for a big Christmas meal. It’s a tradition we’ve managed to keep going for decades now in order to stay in touch and make sure we don’t gradually lose contact.

It’s the usual question every year, where do we go which can host a large group, serves quality food but it’s also good value, and caters to children without it feeling like we are sat in a chain restaurant?

We’ve managed to squeeze nearly twenty of us into one of our homes in the past but it’s not ideal, so a restaurant is usually preferred. One place we keep coming back to answer our question is Wildwood.

It’s stylish, it’s spacious, and comfortable.

Wildwood is a perfectly balanced restaurant, which pulls off the trick of making you feel like you aren’t in a chain restaurant while getting the value of being in one. Another one of its main appeals is how good it is for parents, as it has a set children’s menu, a playroom, and a tabletop football table. This really helps keep the kids entertained so we can catch up in peace.

For starters, I ordered smoked salmon served with horse radish mayo, carpers, and toasted sourdough. This, for me, was absolutely superb and one of the highlights of the evening. I thought the salmon portion especially was incredibly generous for £8.

We also had a burrata for starters which consisted of red pepper tapenade, rocket, walnuts, sand chili dressing.

My boy had a hand-made ‘calabrese artisan pizza’ which was served with dry cured pork sausage, speck, Milano salami, and cherry bell peppers, all on top a riserva cheese topping. Pizzas are a Wildwood speciality, so I was expecting a lot here and they didn’t disappoint. The size was decent, the pizza was succulent, and the ingredients were good quality. I can see myself ordering something like this in the future as it looks fantastic.

I ordered the 10oz ribeye steak, with chips, and watercress with peppercorn sauce. I must admit, this was the first time I have had steak at Wildwood and have not had good experiences with steak in chain restaurants in the past but was pleasantly surprised by the quality. Four of us had steak in total, I asked for mine medium and it was exactly on point. A friend of mine asked for it medium but unfortunately was served rare but another ordered it rare and said it was exactly right. The medium rare was served perfectly too, which gives us a healthy 3/4 in execution.

The steak was just under £20 in total, which is about right for the quality, especially keeping in mind the rising cost of living. I don’t think anyone coming here is going to have any complaints with the steak and we were all in agreement that they were happy with the quality.

One of us had the seafood linguine, which was unfortunately described as “bland and flavourless”. I did not get a photo of this dish as I was sat on the other side of the table but I do recall it looking very ordinary.

All the desserts were very nice. The chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream went down very well and my ‘lotus biscuit’ caramel cheesecake was utterly sensational. These were hovering around the £6-7 mark, which was getting on towards the higher end of what I would like to pay for a dessert but I feel they just about justified the cost. Luckily children had their desserts covered in the children’s menu, so in total the desserts did not add up too much.

With all this said, the restaurant is not a place we would consider if it didn’t cater for the children. The playroom made the evening so much easier for us to get a chat without being harassed by little terrors (especially with some of us bringing up to 4 children each). It was paramount that we were able to feed them cheaply and that’s what Wildwood provided.

The kids menu offers a set of mains, dessert, and a drink for £7.25. It’s all familiar food you’d eat at home so you don’t have to worry about children being picky or fussy. Sadly, my twelve year old son eats more than I do but for little children or ones without a huge appetite this likely saved some of us between £20-30.

Tabletop football!

One thing I miss about Wildwood is the ‘candyfloss’ machine, which they used to give out free at the end of meals for children. This was a real pull for us when going out, as there is something magical for children watching it being made. This has been discontinued for years now but I would love to see come back.

Overall, the meal was a huge success. The service is always fantastic and everything was brought out in a good amount of time. The children were served first to avoid drama and the waitresses were friendly and engaging. The playroom made the evening quieter for us parents and the surroundings were very modern and tasteful, which almost made us feel like we were out as fully functioning adults.

This isn’t going to be a place for foodies (especially if you like seafood linguine) as the menu is very generic but you’ll always get a good meal at a fair price but for parents I can’t think of a better place which ticks all the boxes quite like this.

Same time next year and merry Xmas! 🌲

The Alexander – The best burgers in town!

After a couple of excited posts on the Cambridge Foodies about the burgers at The Alex, on Gwydir Street, I decided to visit for myself and see what all the fuss was about.

The pub is a lovely place to be in, with a lovely back area making it significantly more roomy than it appears on the outside. It’s great for summers and winters alike.

There were some decent beers on tap. I didn’t see anything craft but I did see a lovely pale ale called Ice Breaker and a pilsner called Wolfpack.

There is a good choice on the menu, with some American and Canadian style burgers, as well as a “burger of the month” option, which was a Christmas themed during my visit. They mostly hovered around the £12 mark with chips at a very reasonable £1.50. There is also a 2 for 1 deal (well, 2 for an extra £1) from Monday to Friday lunch times, which is certainly worth looking into!

All burgers are served in a brioche bun and are hand made. I decided to go for the “Celine Dion”, which is a French Canadian inspired burger, which comes with a 6oz patty, maple cured bacon, and goats cheese.

The burger was not huge but a good size none the less. The maple cured bacon was thick and juicy and the goats cheese really made this burger pop as well as give it a very succulent texture. The chips were thin cut but were still absolutely superb. It’s hard to get excited with chips but I thoroughly enjoyed them myself.

I must admit, these are some of the best burgers I’ve had in Cambridgeshire. The ingredients are clearly all very good and nothing is scrimped on. The portion of goats cheese is generous and the bacon is cut well. The sweetness from the maple cured bacon gives the burger an extra dimension and the cheese gives the bite great texture.

The Mexican burger – make sure to visit Hungry Man in UK.
The Mexican burger – Hungry Man In UK

Check out these photos from the Cambridge Foodies. The Mexican burger – ground mince, jalapenos, and smoked cheddar.

Certainly worth checking out for any burger fans out there!

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The Park – Cambridge Regional College

Cambridge Foodies member Janice reviews The Park in Kings Hedges, Cambridge.

A 3 course Christmas dinner, with canapes and finishing off with brownies and fudge.

It was delicious with generous portions, sprouts were cooked well not soggy and still had a good bite to them.

The service was good and very reasonably priced.

The tea my friend ordered was apparently undrinkable but we were not charged.

Apart from that would definitely go again and would recommend.

For more information on The Park visit their website here.

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German Sausage – Ely Market

While mooching around Ely market the other day, my family and I were feeling a bit peckish and were looking for something to eat. All of a sudden I spotted that glorious flag! 🇩🇪

I love German food. It’s something which I feel gets overlooked too often when compared to other countries. Granted, a German sausage is hardly cuisine but I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed a novelty sized Germanic sausage while on the go. They are always very satisfying in their simplicity, easy to eat, and I am a sucker for the German mustard which I cannot seem to find anywhere else. 

Prices have gone up since my visit last year, from £5 to £6. This is to be expected considering the rampant inflation at the moment . This still makes it cheaper than I’m Chip (loaded Belgium chips) which came to £7.95 for a cone of potato.
The stall is done like a wooden chalet found at the German Christmas markets, which is a nice touch. It is a shame they did not sell gluhwein wine too, as that would have brought the true German Christmas market experience home. 
One I ordered last year
As expected, the sausage did not disappoint in terms of size and was made to look even larger by the small roll it is put in. It is a noticeably step upward in quality from the usual hot dog stands we often find lingering around Cambridge, in my opinion. Even if you are more partial to English sausage, German sausages are harder to come by and its nice to have this choice. You get a choice of sauerkraut, bacon bits, and a selection of sauces, such as German mustard, BBQ sauce, spiced mayo, chilli & garlic, garlic & herb, and a selection of others. 
The German Sausage staff at last years Christmas market.

The German Sausage stall is almost always at Ely Market, so if you fancy giving it a go it is a safe bet it will be there. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for them at Christmas time too. Nothing beats doing Christmas German style. Let me know in the Cambridge Foodies what you think! 


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I’m Chip – Ely Market

It was a Saturday morning and the family and I were wandering around Ely market looking for something a little different for lunch. We come here often and there is always something interesting to try but we were getting to a point where we had sampled everything the market has to offer.

Luckily, we stumbled across this Belgium chip stall which I had never seen before. Just when you think Ely market has been conquered, it manages to pull something else out of the hat. Loaded Belgium chips was something I had never heard of, let alone tried, so was excited to see what it was all about.

The stall was proudly vegan and offered a selection of different choices from Christmas themed chips, to ‘No-War’ chips, ‘Pun-jabi’ chips, and ‘Butter-Sprouts’ chips. They were certainly interesting choices and a far cry from the chips smothered in ketchup you expect from a typical market (though ketchup and BBQ sauce was also available here).

Crispy parsnips were on sale too, which you could add to your cone for a mere 49p. To can even get teeny tiny cones for children. It is a fun place which doesn’t take itself too seriously, with googly eyes on the cones and holiday themed options.

My wife went for the Christmas themed loaded chips, which come with ‘xrisspy dip’, cranberry sauce, parsnips, and a vegan stuffing in a blanket.

She thought that the chips were good quality and “really nicely cooked and very fluffy”. The cranberry sauce was a “a nice touch and something I would never think to put on chips but worked well”.

Being in a cone, this was a dish which was significantly easier to eat while on the market when compared to other food vans and was something she said she would buy again. I decided to go for the Tibet Flavour that day but will certainly be looking to try the ‘pun-jabi’ one on my next visit.

I will update this post down the line as I sample more chips.

Thanks for years.