The Yard – Ely

I have been looking forward to visiting The Yard for a while now. Just when you think Ely is done adding something new and exciting to the foodie scene it comes out with an absolute belter! The Yard offers an all-in-one 'ruin bar' experience, similar to the ones found in places like Shoreditch and Budapest. … Continue reading The Yard – Ely

The Cutters Inn – Ely

The Cutters Inn has been a constant in the Ely food scene for years. Scenically located along the Great Ouse river, it's usually one of the first places locals recommend when someone visits the city. It's great for a pint with your mates and a meal out with the family, making it a versatile choice … Continue reading The Cutters Inn – Ely

Toms Cakes – Ely (also: St Ives)

Toms Cakes will always have a special place in my heart. The St Ives branch was responsible for the cupcakes we had at my wedding and they were simply marvellous! With that said, I had never actually set foot in one of their cafes until recently. My wife is also a big fan, visiting three … Continue reading Toms Cakes – Ely (also: St Ives)

Spotted: Juice Rocket @ The Cutter Inn – Ely

I popped into the Cutter Inn today after a long hiatus. During my last visit, which must have been a couple of years ago now, I was disappointed that they had removed my favourite Czech beer (Pilsner Urquell). Imagine my delight however once I returned today to find Juice Rocket from local producers Three Blind … Continue reading Spotted: Juice Rocket @ The Cutter Inn – Ely

Sushi & Salad 3 – This is how you do customer service!

It was that time of year again - My wife's birthday. Sushi & Salad is one of our favourite restaurants and we come here every year without fail (more often than not, we come here several times a year). We have reviewed it time and time again explaining why we love it so much but … Continue reading Sushi & Salad 3 – This is how you do customer service!

My love affair with Brown Bread – Ely Market

Brown Bread is a family run artisan bakery stall which features at Ely Market. It is a stall which I have been visiting for years now and I find almost impossible to walk past without spending a fortune. There is always a queue...for good reason! The team at Brown Bread pride themselves on using traditional … Continue reading My love affair with Brown Bread – Ely Market

Grain Culture – General Store – Ely

Who remembers that Muscle Food article slating Ely as one of the worst cities the UK for being a foodie? I dived deep into that "study" and pulled it to pieces here. One of the things which discredited the study was that it said that Ely had no bakeries. Keeping in mind there are three … Continue reading Grain Culture – General Store – Ely

Wildwood – The chain which gets it right for parents 🇮🇹

Once a year my childhood friends and I gather up the kids and meet up for a big Christmas meal. It's a tradition we've managed to keep going for decades now in order to stay in touch and make sure we don't gradually lose contact. It's the usual question every year, where do we go … Continue reading Wildwood – The chain which gets it right for parents 🇮🇹

Why Ely gets it right.

Ely is known for many things; its stunning cathedral, the beautiful fenland countryside, and its copious amounts of tea rooms. It isn't, however, well known for being a foodie hub, especially after the damning Muscle Food magazine piece citing Ely as one of the worst foodie hot spots in the country last year.  Ely Market … Continue reading Why Ely gets it right.