The Pint Shop 🇬🇧

You'd be forgiven for thinking The Pint Shop is all about the beer. It is, after all, where this little gem in the heart of Cambridge gets its name. There is however, a great selection of food on offer too. This visit was a belated birthday surprise for me, and after a few hours in … Continue reading The Pint Shop 🇬🇧

“Rubbish Cooks” – Parkers Tavern

Head chef Tristan Welch As an avid fan of the food scene in central Cambridge, I’m always spoilt for choice for special and taster menus held by various venues about town. After seeing all the hype from the last ‘Rubbish Cooks’ event held at Parker’s Tavern by the skilled head chef Tristan Welch and seeing … Continue reading “Rubbish Cooks” – Parkers Tavern