The Tamarind – Teversham 🇮🇳

I have lost count at the amount of times I have been to the Tamarind over the years. My family and I visit frequently, I've reviewed its wheelchair access on Jim's blog, we've had our 20th Cambridge Curry Community event back in 2015. Heck, I've reviewed it so many times on my own I felt … Continue reading The Tamarind – Teversham 🇮🇳

Tamarind – Teversham (3 reviews in one!)

Looking back through my old reviews of Teversham, I have noticed that other than my original one in 2014, the updates have been thin on detail. I am not sure why but the Tamarind remains one of my fondest Indian restaurants in Cambridgeshire. Every time I come back I barely have a bad word to … Continue reading Tamarind – Teversham (3 reviews in one!)