Moza – Cineworld – the all you can eat buffet!

I always try and keep away from the “all you can eat” places. Especially after going to the ghastly A10 Spice World only a few miles out of town.
This place however seems to give the dreaded “all you can eat” tandooris a good name. The price being very reasonable and the food of an acceptable quality, you are defiantly getting your moneys worth considering the price.
I wouldn’t recommend Moza to anyone for a high class evening of the finest Indian cuisine but perfect for a good value night out with your friends. To be honest, I think that is exactly what they are going for. 
What I like most about this place is that its a great introduction to Indian food. You get to sample a bit of everything and see what you like and exactly what you dont like. 
It is conveniently located next to Cineworld, The Junction and the arcade, which gives it the perfect start to a busy evening for a group of friends on the town. This is clearly their target audience and they have completely nailed it. Its certainly gone for the modern look with a very clean, open feel with glass tables and blue neon lights, similar to Cafe Naz or Zara. This makes you feel like they are trying to steer away from the more traditional image. This gives it a more exiting feel, especially for a lot of the younger people coming from the cinema and arcades where often more traditional tandooris could be seen as a bit stale and boring.
This potentially could open a gate way to younger generations to Indian food, which for me is quite exciting! 
The service is fast, because….well, its self service!  
You get the food when you want it! There is a good selection of food at the buffet and it has never been too busy when ive gone inside. There is a good selection of deserts and an unlimited supply of poppadoms with all the sauces you could think of, which is where a lot of other places often falter, usually offering only three or four sauces. 
None of the food is very spicy…at all, which is something I cannot forgive! I’m aware that this is not a usual Indian which is aimed almost solely at families and younger people, but considering the amount of choice you get at the buffet, you get no choice of spice.
Parking in the area is its usual expensive price like the rest of Cambridge, which is nothing they can help, but does have to be considered when coming here. With that considered Moza still comes out good value.You can park in the industrial estate behind the Cineworld complex after hours, so if you know the area well then its not even an issue. 
If your going for just a meal you might as well just pay for the official parking but if your looking to go out for a meal, a film then or go clubbing you may want to remember this.
There are also some side streets in the area if you dont mind walking ten or fifteen minutes. 
If you are looking for reasonable food at good value then i would recommend this place. Especially if you have never tried an Indian restaurant before and want to sample a bit of everything at your own pace.
 The selection is great and the food is good, just dont expect to be blown away. The place is well presented and its conveniently located in the center of a cinema complex.
I would much prefer to come here than the Lucky Star Chinese next door in my opinion and it certainly beats the other rival “all you can eat” Indians in the city.
4/5 considering its value and target audience. 

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