Nasreen Dar – "best samosas in town"

I was invited by the good folks at Nasreen Dar the other day to try the “best samosas in town”.So naturally we were over there like a shot as I love a good Samosa.
The place is located on Histon Road, just around the corner from Castle Street, where a lot of the best Indian restaurants in Cambridge are located.
The place has seating inside and out, and is surrounded by free parking in the residential areas close by. The place is set up as a market/cafe which has a selection of sweets and Indian style pastries to enjoy while lounging around on their sofa’s an outside seating.
One thing I have learned about my curry journey is how there is so much more to Indian cuisine than the usual British tandooris all around the UK. Nasreen Dar is a cafe/supermarket which offers a large variety of Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistania and Middle Eastern food.
Most of their stuff it is buy to take home, being a supermarket, but there is a small selection of food to chose from in their cafe section.
Walking in, we were warmly welcomed by the people working behind the counter.
Being more of a shop than a restaurant they let you get on with it.

We had a look around and found an excellent selection of herbs, spices, rice, oils and foreign food. I was in paradise! I could have easily spent a fortune!

The store is absolutely packed with everything you could think of!
If I had a place like this around the corner I would spend much more time cooking at home than going out. Which would probably be welcomed by my gut!
We found a freezer with pre-made curries ranging from chicken tikka masala to very hot vindaloo. I really need to give these a go. They look like they are home made and come to about £1-£2 cheaper than the average curry in the restaurants in Cambridge.
If anyone has tried these please leave us some feed back!
Once we had done looking around we headed to the cafe section to get something to eat.
There is a selection of chicken, lamb and vegetarian samosas, breads, bhajis and a decent choice of sweet snacks.

So naturally I had a bit of everything!

It was heated up in the microwave for us and we were given plates to go and sit down in the seating area.
We first tried their famous spicy chicken, which was delicious. It was a solid piece of chicken breast which went down a treat. It was so juicy and was incredibly good value.
The onion bhajis were the same, delicious and it had a great texture.
Their samosas were the best I have had. They were very true to their word. After the disappointing cardboard samosa I had at Tayyabs in London the other week, I was well put off by them up until this point, I am glad I gave them another go as they were crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside, just how they should be. The meat portions in them were generous, they were loaded with vegetables. They certainly didn’t scrimp on these, they were packed. The lamb, chicken and vegetarian samosas all scored very highly with both of us.

We treated ourselves to some of the sweet selections on offer. We had a Cannoli each for a mere 45p…and it was one of the nicest sweets i’d ever had in ages.
You have a choice of chocolate, white chocolate, lemon and pistachio. I couldn’t recommend these enough, they were cheap and small enough for you to eat without having to worry about consuming 300+ calories, and a great way of taming your sweet tooth.

Cannoli on the right

The prices for all the food were good value and I can safely say if I lived any closer then I would be in here all the time.

I completely forgot to try the Chai coffee and caramel which I have been recommended by so many people, so I will have to visit again soon. I might use it as an opportunity to try one of those frozen curries too. I will be back, oh yes!

Highly recommended.

Love this place!

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