Kismet – Romsey town curry (2015).

Romsey towns number 1 indian takeaway
After my challenging experience with Royal Spice, I decided to continue my take away review saga and see what the Kismet had to offer. Like Royal Spice, this place has a sterling reputation with people in Cambridge, especially in the Romsey Town area.
One could argue that it is a bit of a hidden gem in Cambridge. It’s an easy place to miss and a hard place to find. It is dead in the centre of Romsey Towns residential area of many many identical streets and one way systems. Though in my opinion, it’s a place well worth looking for…or better yet, just order through Just Eat and get it delivered!
As we all may or may not know, Just Eat couldn’t be easier to order from. Everything is listed and you just tick what you want. They had a decent selection of cuisine on the menu and a selection of English dishes. Being located dead in the centre of Mill Road they are excellently located, so deliveries shouldn’t take too long. Luckily for me I was ordering from my mums house which is only around the corner, so I was collecting, but their delivery time was still only 30 minutes which is good by any standard no matter how close.
We ordered a few curries, a chicken tikka vindaloo, some papadums, saag aloo, onion bhaji, chips and rice. Once the food was ordered we headed out about 10 minutes after ordering, we walked down the road and by the time we got there we were only waiting a few trivial minutes and our food was done…BOOM, just like that!
Chicken curry, rice and their questionable onion bhaji’s.
I do sometimes question the quality of the food if it has been prepared that quickly but I can assure you that all the quality was there. Nothing from our order was missed and everything was presented well, with generous portions. We even got a few extra papadums than we ordered, which is common, but worth noting as not all places do this. They even threw in some free yoghurt to go with them.
Chicken tikka vindaloo, onion rice, saag aloo. Sploosh!
Once on my plate, the food looked fantastic! The curry had an excellent texture to it and the chicken was tikka’d perfectly. The onion rice was out of this world. The taste was good, it was colourful and the texture was exactly how it should be. The saag aloo was very decent also. I was a little disappointed with the onion bhaji but it was by no means awful.
Naturally, I woofed down the entire lot like an animal, though something troubled me…Something was not quite its usual during this vindaloo dining experience. The look, the texture, the flavour, was all spot on.
What was missing?….NO HICCUPS!
Yes, the vindaloo was not at all spicy. I was a little disappointed by this. It might be suggested that anyone ordering this over the phone may want to ask for their curry hot if need be. If ordering on Just Eat it might be worth mentioning in the comment box with your order. Otherwise you may suffer the same fate as me. This was not a big deal mind as everything else was pretty much perfect.
Conclusion: Well, so far on my “Indian restaurant take away tour of Cambridge”, the Kismet is kicking arse and leaving Royal Spice a distant second. It just seems to get everything right. The food costs about average but I still consider it good value as all the food was all fantastic. The service was quick and the place is centrally located which makes it quite convenient.
I wouldn’t recommend anyone coming to collect from here if you do not live close by as parking is a NIGHTMARE in this part of Romsey. I would personally just get them to deliver it or just walk yourself if you live close by.
Please be mindful if you like curry HOT like me, then you are probably going to have to request it so.

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