Cinnamon take away.



As part of my tour of the take away only Indian restaurants in Cambridgeshire I decided to hit the newly opened Cinnamon. Located on the High Street in Chesterton, the place has impressed a lot of people and seems to have established itself as a well respected take away already.
The place is well known for its token promotional offer which is a set menu for two people. As you can see from the photo below the set menu for two costs just under £20 and comes with a generous selection of dishes. Delivery is FREE too so you will not fall victim to sneaky hidden charges.
We are given the opportunity to chose from a wide selection of dishes from the curry menu and a choice between rice or naan. We decided to order a lamb dopaiza and chicken vindaloo for our curry and two portions of rice. The rest is all compulsory but does offer some popular dishes that most people should be happy with.
We ordered through Just Eat, though you can order directly through their website ( I was heading from Ely to stay at my girlfriends house in Cambridge so decided to make the delivery to her house for 18:30. By the time I arrived at her house at 18:15 the food had just arrived. This could be considered good or bad as it shows they are very fast at delivery but if nobody was there to receive it then I might have missed out on my food!
What a haul! 
As you can see from the picture we managed to get a good haul! Everything was delivered in sturdy plastic containers. The papadums were put in a brown bag which sadly meant they were broken by the time they reached our kitchen.
The papadums came with mint sauce and an onion salad. There was also an extra bag of salad provided. The papadums were a little broken, but no big deal. The mint sauce tasted quite nice though was a little watery. I would have liked to have seen some mango chutney with this but since it was thrown in as part of a deal its hardly an issue. There are options to buy mango chutney, lime pickle, more onion salad, red sauce and spicy mint sauce on the menu for an extra 60p charge.
We were given 4 onion bhajis as part of our deal. They tasted great and were very crunchy, as they should be! My only criticism would be that they are a little dry. I recommend dipping them in the mint sauce, it works well!
The Bombay Aloo was a great addition to the deal. So often I find that my curry lacks enough potatoes so I sometimes have to order something like this, or Saag Aloo, to bulk it out. So this is a very welcome addition for me. The potatoes are prepared well and taste great. I found this more than enough to bulk out our curry with more potatoes and still have some left over for the morning.
The chicken tikka served us well. Nothing which would blow you away but for the money and quantity of food you are getting as part of the deal it does the trick. It had good flavour, texture and was incredibly succulent. I don’t think anybody will be disappointed here.
The lamb dopaiza was the real star of the show tonight. The lamb was so succulent and well cooked. It was bursting with flavour and had marvellous texture to it. I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves lamb!
My chicken vindaloo had a good kick to it. It ended up giving me the hiccups which is a good sign! The chicken was decent and had a textbook smokey flavour to it!
Both rices were incredibly generous portions and was a fine addition to a curry! It was cooked well and not too fluffy and not too dry. We had loads left over from our meal and again, like the Bombay potatoes, left us with loads in the morning.
Once we had finished we were both satisfied with our meals. We had some curry, Bombay potatoes, rice and chicken tikka left over for a MONSTER breakfast in the morning (if you are in to that kinda thing!).
Conclusion: For £20 we were incredibly impressed with the quality, selection and diversity of the food available. Everything was done well and not only was it good value but it was also a punctual delivery. From my one experience of Cinnamon so far they are certainly looking like one of the better Indian restaurant take away’s in Cambridge.
We still have more places to try however with Golden Spice Take Away next on our list!
Please check out my other take away reviews: Royal Spice and Kismet.
If there is anywhere you think deserves to be investigated please let me know on The Cambridge Curry Crew Facebook group.
Thanks for reading!

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