The Tiffin Truck – Regent Street

After winning the English Curry Awards “best newcomers” award, I decided to pay The Tiffin Truck a visit.

The place has a “back packer” vibe. Very similar to the Thai restaurant Thaikhun on Quayside. It offers a very authentic Indian menu with lots of the more traditional cuisine rather than the usual British style we are used to.

I was pleased to see one of my favourites on the menu, the masala dosa. This was really well done and I preferred it to the rather anemic one from Vedanta down the road. It’s great to see a fourth restaurant in the city now go this dish as it’s an Indian classic.

The masala dosa

I ordered a lamb jalfrezi, which was simply out of this world! The lamb was incredibly tender and the sauce was lovely which had a real spicy kick to it.
My friend has a chicken tikka masala which was also very delicious and very creamy – real comfort food. I just wish there were bigger portions. The rice was well done and the only portion in the meal that I would consider generous

Lamb Jalfreizi

I noticed that the restaurant was incredibly full, clean, and spacious This can only be a good sign! The restaurant isn’t huge but there is still enough space to get a wheelchair around.

The staff were incredibly busy yet still managed to stay attentive. I must have had my drink refilled four times despite them being over run with customers.

Chicken tikka masala

The bill was competitively priced, which was refreshing to see, as often you find authentic Indian restaurant on the more expensive side.

Overall, I was impressed with this place. It’s certainly a contender against other similar restaurants such as The Rice Boat and The Banana Leaf.

I look forward to hearing what everyone else thinks.

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