Indian Garden – Littleport

I was lucky enough to win the Indian Garden competition for a free 5 course meal in Littleport the other night. So I decided to take my son to have a look.

The place is conveniently located with lot of residential parking close by. The restaurant looks small but had a surprising amount of space. It’s well presented with a decent atmosphere.

The menu was basic but with all the classics we know and love. The prices were very competitive and there was a good choice of bottled beer.

We decided to have some papadums which came with mango chutney, lime pickle, onion salad, and the red stuff which I’ve still not learned the name of 🤣. The mango chutney was pretty average but the lime pickle was pretty good. The onion salad stood out as the best contender as it had a great mix of different things rather than just a bowl of onion like most other places.

The onion bhajis were great and came well presented on a plate with some delicious salad.

We ordered a chicken tikka masala, a lamb vindaloo, pilau rice, peshwari naan, and a Kingfisher beer.

All the dishes were presented excellently. We noticed there was a real vividness to the food (especially the curry) which we put down to food colourings. As you can see from the photo of the hand, it was everywhere.

That didn’t stop the food tasting good. The chicken was very good in the masala but the lamb in the vindaloo was a little tough. It wasn’t anywhere near ruining the meal but it isn’t going to win any awards. That said, considering it’s a small Indian in a small town, I’d say that this place clearly serves the area well.

The peshwari naan was excellent. It was absolutely stuffed with the sweet peshwari inside which really made the meal pop.

We were really please to see a hot towel and chocolate after our meal. I’m glad to see this still happening in a lot of places as I’ve noticed a decline in these basic essentials we are all used too.

My boy and I enjoyed Indian Garden. It offers tasty food for a competitive price. I could see myself coming back here if it were a little closer. However, with Ely between us I would struggle to see myself coming back again but I bet it’s a local favourite.

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