The New Royal Spice!

I was lucky enough to get treated to a sample of what the brand new Royal Spice has to offer this evening (just off Mitcham’s Corner).

I can safely say that ordering from here will not leave you disappointed.

I ordered a lamb Khusboo, a chicken tikka masala, saag aloo, pilau rice, mushroom rice, and a chicken tikka & lamb kebab starter. We also had papadums with side sauces. We were even treated to some home made cookies 🤣.

The food was all excellently presented. Everything looks the part – The mushroom rice, lamb Khusboo and chicken tikka masala especially were all a sight to behold. Nothing looked cheap or artificial.

The chicken tikka and kebab starter were excellent. Both were succulent and bursting with flavour. I don’t get to try these often so I would love to hear what people think who eat these regularly, but I absolutely loved it.

The rice portions were about average, which was encouraging after yesterdays meal at another restaurant which fell a little short of a satisfactory portion. The rice was delicious and served the curry well.

My lamb Khusboo was a dish I’d never tried before and was recommended to me by the team there. It didn’t disappoint. The lamb quality was quite good (though nothing which blew me away). I really enjoyed the peppers in the sauce which gave it a very refreshing taste on a hot summers evening. I’d certainly consider having it again.

My partner’s chicken tikka masala went down well. If the chicken tikka starter was anything to go by, I bet this was absolutely delicious…and as mentioned above, it was presented very well.

The saag aloo was perfect. The portion size, the texture, the flavour. Everything was right about it.

The papadums made a good side. The yogurt and mango chutney were pretty much the standard sauces you get from other Indian/Bangladeshi restaurants. As you can see from the pictures the colours and textures are very familiar to those of you who eat a lot of curries. I presume this is bulk buy stuff.

The cookies were incredible. They were soft and had a warm gooey chocolate centre. I think the team at Royal Spice might have missed their calling as a bakery 🤣. Absolutely amazing!

My partner and I both thoroughly enjoyed our meal at the new Royal Spice. I’m really looking forward to them opening up a restaurant in the back so I can explore their menu more thoroughly.

The stars of the show for this meal has to be the chicken tikka and kebab starters, the saag aloo, and the lamb Khusboo.

I want to congratulate the chaps at Royal Spice for reopening today and wish them the best of luck with their current refurbishment.

I look forward to hearing what everyone else thinks over the coming weeks as more of you get to try it.

Phone: 01223 304455


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