Tawa Indian Restaurant – Station Road

Dessert at a fantastic indian in Cambridge

Cambridge Foodies moderator Krathika pops into the new Tawa Indian Restaurant on Station Road.

“Finally visited Tawa Restaurant on Station Road after a long time, and I think I can safely say it is my new favourite authentic Indian food place in Cambridge! I went with two of my friends and we ordered a couple of starters (chicken 50/60, masala potato fries), two mains (tariwala gosht, mutter paneer), chicken biryani, and latchha paratha. We also got a mocktail and a kulfi dessert, and paid a total of £65 – not bad for a three course meal!

I really enjoyed each of the items that we ordered – the chicken in the biryani was succulent, perfectly cooked and spiced, the gravy for the lamb was delicious, and the mutter paneer had generous portions of paneer.

I think the lamb could have been a bit more tender, and the chicken starter a bit more flavourful (chicken 65 in India is a lot spicier!), but overall it was an excellent meal.

The star of the show were the masala fries – an Indian twist on chips. Crispy potato chips seasoned with chaat masala and some red chilli powder – underrated yet so delicious! Might not be up to everyone’s taste, but it really reminded of home.

A strong 4.5/5 – would strongly recommend if you are looking for a new Indian place to go to with good enough ambience and great service!

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