Lalbagh – Bourn

Lalbagh has to be one of the best Indian restaurants for fish. Their Seabass is incredible.

I had the pleasure of heading back to Lalbagh in Bourn a while back.

It was an unexpected meal as we just so happened to be in the area but they were more than happy to fit us in last minute. I always get cross with myself for not coming back here sooner as it’s one of the best restaurants Cambridge has to offer.

The menu is huge with loads of different specialities – especially with fish. They do an incredible sea bass dish, particularly the rhubarb sea bass. If you are a pescatarian then I would really suggest having a look at what they have to offer here, as I know of no other place which does fish as well as Lalbagh.

I really cannot rate this dish enough, it’s presented excellently in an adorable fish shaped plate. It’s now my partner’s favourite. This is our go-to dish every time we come now.

I went for the Sylheti lamb – a slow cooked lamb shank in lentils and citrus. This dish blew my socks off!The lamb just fell off the bone and it was such a unique and original dish. Complimented well by the mushroom rice which they absolutely nailed.

I ordered a saag aloo which was also decently prepared.

They had all the classic beers on tap behind that stunning waterfall bar. Kingfisher, Cobra, and Mongoose. Considering the scarcity of decent beer in pubs at the moment, if I were a Bourn local I would be coming here for a drink and sitting in the seating area.

The service was excellent. I don’t often tip but they were polite, attentive, and friendly. You get a really warm reception here. If you’ve never tried The Lalbagh before then make sure you get down here.

The service, the food, the choice, the ambience, the warm and friendly reception, and the excellent selection of Indian beers makes this a superb restaurant which never lets you down.

Phone: 01954 719131/01954 719364


Address: Lalbagh Indian Restaurant, 49 Alms Hill, Cambridge, CB23 2SH

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