Palkee – Cherry Hinton Road

I had a pleasant take-away meal at Palkee tonight.

The restaurants interior decorating was very fresh, new, and a really bright and vibrant place to be in.

The menu was also vast with lots of diverse choice. The service was even better, with friendly and chatty staff more than willing to tell you every detail about Bengali cuisine. You really leave feeling like you’ve learned something about what Indian and Bengali cuisine has to offer.

You get a real education here 😂

The food was decent enough. We were all a little disappointed with the meat quality. Our lamb on the Tandoori Shashlick and Tawa were both grisly and fatty. I was told that all meat here is “cooked off the bone” (as is the Bengali way) which might have something to do with it, but it did make it hard to cut up and chew.

That said, it wasn’t all bad. There was great flavour to the dishes and there presentation was decent.

My partner enjoyed her chicken tikka masala but said that it doesn’t particularly stand out. My mother has the vegetable biryani which she throughout enjoyed. The daal was little watery apparently but had an over all pleasant experience.

I absolutely love the chaps at Palkee. I’m really rooting for them! Though I worry with so much quality and competition in the area that they are going to struggle unless they up their game.

I’m really looking forward to coming back and trying a few other dishes on their menu in the future.

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