Bar Hill Spice

I was pleased to see the excellent standard set by Cam Spice has been honoured with everything at Bar Hill Spice. Often you will understandibly find teething problems during a grand opening of a restaurant but the team here have done a fantastic job of making sure everything was running effectively.

We took full advantage of the “Β£5 off your first order” deal which is currently being offered (which I recommend you all do too while it’s still happening!).
The prices all seem competitive and fairly priced for an Indian restaurant in the area. There was a good amount of choice on the menu too, with all the classics we know and love with some specialities.

Located down Viking Way behind the Tesco’s, they have a ton of parking for picking up meals as well as the delivery service they provide.

I ordered the lamb tawa, a dish which is often neglected on a lot of Indian menus and one I usually have to save for my trip to Cam Spice (which is 45 minutes away! 😱).
It’s one of my favourite dishes, so I am pleased to have it served at a restaurant which isn’t too far from my house. πŸ‘ The lamb quality was done to a good standard and the texture was decent. If I’m honest, I could have done with slightly more lamb but this is often an issue with lamb dishes as it’s an expensive meat. The quality however shouldn’t anyone disappointed for the price.

My partner has her usual chicken tikka masala which is that signature dish we all know what to expect. They hit all the marks which make a good chicken tikka and good chicken tikka. No complaints from her certainly 🀣.

My boy had a chicken curry which he wolfed down in seconds (always a good sign). I tried some of his meal and found the curry to be on point. πŸ‘

The mushroom rice we ordered was all done well with no complaints here. The portions were terrific!

My saag aloo was excellent. I found the texture especially good here. You can tell that cooked it fresh without adding any colourings which is often something I notice with saag aloo and there is no need for it.

Make sure you get down to Bar Hill Spice and give them a go!
There has always been a gap in the market for a good quality Indian restaurant for places like Bar Hill and Swavesy and now they’ve got one!

Let me know what you think!

Phone: 01954 781007
Address: 8 Viking Way, Bar Hill,
Cambridge CB23 8EL
Notes: Closed Tuesdays!

Second visit.

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