7 Curry Houses I really miss in Cambridge.

7 indians I miss in Cambridge

I’ve been eating a lot of curry in Cambridgeshire over the past 20 years. Here are some of my favourite Indians which are no longer with us but I really really miss!

Curry Garden – Regent Street

It’s been 12 years since our last visit to Curry Garden. Remembered for its vivid green sign lighting up Regent Street and it’s brightly coloured interior walls. Curry Garden always did a blinding hot curry like nowhere else, which was always welcome on a Saturday night!

RIP old friend!

Cafe Naz (The Cambridge Curry Centre) – Castle Street.

Cafe Naz was a superb Indian restaurant which gave a taste of Brick Lane in Cambridge but has unfortunately (and shamefully) been replaced by a generic noodle bar (Update: This has now been turned into Nameste Village).

They used to offer a fantastic buffet for £6.95 on Sundays, which my friends and I used to visit for a late breakfast after a heavy night out. The best thing about Cafe Naz was its sleek modern interior and huge size. Perfect for large events such as my friend stag do. So many contrasting memories of fun parties and painful mornings healing with curry.

Goodbye and farewell!

Maharajah – Castle Street

The Maharajah was famously known in the Cambridge Curry Community as the rudest Indian in Cambridge. They would have a go at you if you didn’t leave a tip, rush you out the door once the bill was paid, and I even had a waiter break down and cry while serving me…but my word, what amazing food!

The Maharajah had a stylish vivid interior with charming outfits for their waiters, which were reminiscent of Captain Scarlet. This all added to the unique experience of the Maharajah which you couldn’t find anywhere else.

Being next door to Cafe Naz…it was nearly impossible to choose between them!

Update: The Maharajah had since been reopened. Check our review here.

Kohinoor – Mill Road

Speaking of stunning interiors, I accept that The Maharajah’s interior was not everyone’s taste but nobody could dispute the beauty of the Kohinoor on Mill Road.

The Kohinoor was not only a stunning place to be but it was great value, offering bargain deals plastered across the window. This was perfect back when I was a poor student but still had that curry craving. They also had a selection of 3 Indian beers on draft too which was unheard of!

A little known fact is The Cambridge Curry Community had their first ever event here 12 years ago!

Make sure to check out one of our old reviews here!

The Slap Up Tandoori – Waterbeach

I used to live around the corner from The Slap Up Tandoori when it was in my early 20’s. My friend and I used to swing by so often we even managed to go twice in one day!

The place looked depressing from the front and…quite frankly, looked depressing on the inside too, but they always managed to do a good spread! It was one of the last Indians I remember which could do a blinding hot vindaloo. They just don’t do em like they used to!

Golden Curry – Mill Road

The Golden Curry was one of the big 4 of Mill Road. It was never brilliant for it’s food but offered a wonderful atmosphere thanks to its fish tanks and large windows to people watch as you dined in.

We even managed to have our 23rd Cambridge Curry Community event back in 2016!

You’ll never be forgotten Golden Curry!

India House – Newnham

India House was always one of my favourites. They were one of those places where you would visit after a year and they would still remember you and what you had the last time.

The food was excellent, the service was prompt, and it was also located on the beautiful Mill Pond.

After a fire it was never able to recover and finally closed its doors for good. Goodbye my friend! The memories won’t be forgotten

What do you think of my list? I know there are many of you out there who are older than I am who will be able to remember significantly older restaurants I’ve missed on my list. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if I have missed any gems!

4 thoughts on “7 Curry Houses I really miss in Cambridge.

  1. So sad. The first day I arrived to work in Cambridge in1964i visited the much loved Jaj Mahal(later replaced by Pizza Hut next to University Arms). When I came to leave I was struck that opposite was Agga Walla’s curry house and to the right Curry Garden and slap bang and straight in front of me Curry’s electrical shop. Incidentally the best in Cambridge and my regular was Tandoori Palace in Histon Road. Happy memories


    1. The Taj Mahal was my favourite back in the sixties. when I was at college. The owner’s son, Ray, opened the Mumtaz Mahal in Hills road in the early seventies. That one was the best Indian restaurant I have ever visited. I was so sad when it became an Italian.


  2. My first curry was at the Kismet on north ampton street loved it from then on it was very seedy used to go down stairs to it but it was great the other brilliant one was the Bombay that was also memorable


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