Royal Spice 4 – Michams Corner

It’s that time of year again, where I pop to Royal Spice for my annual takeaway.

With my never ending journey of Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants in Cambridgeshire, I always manage to find time to come back and visit Royal Spice on Michams Corner year after year.

Kusboo (spicy)

Royal Spice offers that perfect Saturday night takeaway. Spicy curry with a great kick, consistent quality, and a competitive price (check out their menu here). You can still get a curry here for £7.95, which, for central Cambridge in the age of inflation, is pretty good going!

The lamb is always good quality too, which is something I always keep in mind when ordering a takeaway, as it’s an easy meat to get wrong and is often scrimped on in some restaurants.

Lamb tawa

Dishes can be a little oily but that’s something I don’t mind for a cheap and cheerful Saturday night takeaway. This is also hardly surprising considering that most of these dishes are oil based. It still doesn’t take anything away from the great flavour you and is perfect comfort food!

Lamb chops

The lamb chops are juicy and succulent, which is important because I can find some (from takeaways especially) very dry. These are perfect for sharing between the family!

Chicken tikka

The chicken tikka is also done well with the skewer hole and tikka colouring clearly viable on the bite. What I like about Royal Spice is that the meat texture is always very juicy. Not too bad for just over £4!

Saag Aloo – extra hot

Saag Aloo is hard to get wrong and today was no exception. The best friend of any curry and great for sharing!

Portions at Royal Spice are fairly standard but are still more than enough to fill up your plate. The food is presented very well and it all looks great when it’s all put together into a plate of glory!

Same time next year! 😂


Address: 12B Victoria Avenue, Cambridge, CB4 1EH.

Phone: 01223 304455 / 01223 307475

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