Simon’s top Indian dishes worth seeking in Cambridge.

I have been around the block a few times when it comes to curry in Cambridge. In that time, I have had the pleasure of sampling some truly special dishes which stand out from the rest. Here is a list of some of my all time favourite experiences that you should go out and try RIGHT NOW!

8. Masala Dosa @ The Banana Leaf – Milton Road

It’s hard to find a good masala dosa in Cambridge, with Vedanta offering a rather anemic take on the dish and other restaurants falling flat on either quality or consistency. Banana Leaf always knocks it out of the park and even gives a generous portion to boot!

If you are one of those people who always goes for the usual British-Indian dishes and is looking to branch out and explore more traditional Indian cuisine, then this is an absolute must!

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7. The lime pickle @ Curry Palace – Cottenham.

It feels strange having a side sauce to a papadum on the list but the lime pickle at Curry Palace has always had a special place in my heart. The owner has told me that he goes to London especially to pick it up especially and it is clearly worth the journey (in my opinion). My wife is a lime pickle connoisseur and she absolutely loves it too. It’s chunky, salty, zesty, and sour – everything lime pickle should be! It may not be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ but it is certainly ours!

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6. Ox cheek @ Montaz, Newmarket

I have only had this dish once but it’s all I have ever needed. Till this very day, I have no idea how they managed to make such a tough cut so tender.

The dish is ox cheek in slow roasted spices, aloo chole and chickpeas, in an onion and tomato sauce, with greens, rice, and served with a honey and ginger naan.

The flavour, the presentation, the colour… absolutely remarkable! An absolute must for anyone who enjoys fine dining.

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5. Chicken Ruby @ Khaani takeaway – St Ives

It’s not often I try a dish for the first time and rush back within a week because I can’t get it out of my mind! That is exactly what happened when I visited Khaani in St Ives and tried their chicken ruby! So thick and creamy, bursting with flavour, and best of all is accessible to everyone! A chicken tikka masala on steroids!

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4. Russell’s infamous lamb tawa @ Cam Spice – Great Eversden

Everything at Cam Spice is cooked to perfection and is consistent in doing so too. One thing which always stands out for me is Russell’s lamb tawa. It’s delicious and very exciting when brought out on the sizzling platter (which livens up any evening out) but can also be ordered ‘vindaloo hot’ for that added kick!

Just go for it!

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3. The dreaded Bengal Tiger @ The Taj Tandoori – Cherry Hinton Road.

Warning: May melt spoon!

The Bengal Tiger is infamous with the regular customers at The Taj Tandoori. Nowadays, it is off the menu but Syed and Jools are more than happy to accommodate on request. Slow cooked mutton in a naga sauce! Need I say more?

Not for the faint hearted but still equally delicious. I have it every time I visit!

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2. Rhubarb seabass @ Lalbagh – Bourn

Their seabass special
Rhubarb seabass

Lalbagh are well known for their seabass dishes and one of my favourite dishes of those is their legendary rhubarb seabass. This pan fried seabass fillet is sweet, sour, and refreshingly unique. It’s the sort of thing many people wouldn’t order by themselves but I assure you that if you take the plunge then you will not regret it!

If you order their seabass special then it’s even served in an adorable fish shaped dish, d’awww!

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1. House black daal @ Dishooms takeaway – Cambridge

Dishooms is legendary for its Black Daal. It took the city of London by storm and is now available in Cambridge through a takeaway set up. It is not often something like this lives up to the hype but this truly does in this example. My biggest gripe is that it is not served in bathtub sizes, as I would be more than happily to bathe in this thick and creamy daal. It compliments everything it touches, so just a humble naan will do to accompany it. It is utter heaven in a pot and only costs £4. It’s just a shame that it only delivers to Cambridge. 😭

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