The Price Regent – Regent Street

After a very flat and uninspiring meal at Cuba Libre for mother’s day, we decided to pop in to the Prince Regent for a couple of pints.

I used to drink here all the time but it has been a couple of years since my last visit. I was not expecting much to change as it is one of those places which you always expect to stay the same. I have always had that image of “Cambridge in the future” with flying saucers and transport tubes from Futurama but still have the Prince Regent plodding along exactly the same but I was surprised to see how much of the Prince Regent has had a face lift.

The first thing I noticed was the back patio garden. Previously, it was a very bleak place reminiscent of an old London pub but they have really brought the place to life. Wooden tables that were almost permanently soaked in rain water have been replaced with a rather fetching canopy which not only looks great but also keeps everything (and everyone) dry while it rains. They even had an outside TV with the live rugby on. 👍

Going into the bar, I was pleasantly surprised to see a wide selection of craft beer available. Ranging from local Harston brewery Brewboard to Welsh Brewery Tiny Rebel. This is a far cry from the rather generic taps of beer where your best bet was the Peroni (though that is still available).

I often go for Brewboard, as it’s one of my favourite breweries (and I try to support local!). I was disappointed not to see my Beasticus but Bambino is a worthy pale ale coming at 5.1%.

There were also appearances from Steady Rolling Man by DEYA brewery, Big Wave from Kona, and, of course, Neck Oil from Beavertown.

I decided to settle on the Tiny Rebel ‘Clwb tropica’, mainly because I have not had as much experience with this brewery. I love a tropical beer and at 5.5% made it a great balance of sessionable and flavorful IPA. Top Draw!

Now I know that the Prince Regent does a selection of craft beer, there is no doubt in my mind that I will be back! Especially in the summer!

Thanks for reading

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