Stoneworks – Peterborough

In the final part of my Peterborough craft beer journey, we popped into Stoneworks on Church Street. Located in a basement on the main square, Stoneworks offers a wide selection of quality drinks. It looks like a regular ground level bar from the outside but from the moment you enter you are immediately led underground … Continue reading Stoneworks – Peterborough

Bottle & Board – Peterborough

On the third part of our Peterborough craft beer tour, we decided to pop into 'Bottle & Board' on Wentworth Street. This is a place which focuses on the more Germanic and Belgium beer side of things, so technically it isn't "craft beer'. This may upset some of the purists reading the blog but it … Continue reading Bottle & Board – Peterborough

Blind Tiger – Peterborough

I have been looking forward to visiting Blind Tiger for nearly a year now. Often, when I speak with someone about craft beer in Peterborough this is the first place they mention, so it's reputation speaks for itself. Advert - The Brook, Mill Road I can see why too. It's hard to compete with 26 … Continue reading Blind Tiger – Peterborough

The Brewery Tap – Peterborough

I have been itching to get some reviews done in Peterborough for a while now. People read 'Cambridge Foodies' but fail to realise we cover the entirety of Cambridgeshire. Perhaps I should have named it the 'Cambridgeshire Foodies' but I think we can all agree that it does not have the same zing to it! … Continue reading The Brewery Tap – Peterborough

The Old Ticket Office – Cambridge Square

Even in some of the bleakest places, amidst one of the most depressing squares to ever be constructed in Cambridge, lies a little gem of a pub attached to the Cambridge train station. Advert - The Brook Pub, Mill Road While waiting to visit the hit Indian restaurant Tawa the other day, we stumbled into … Continue reading The Old Ticket Office – Cambridge Square

The Dinky Drinky Box 2 – Toseland

Sandwiched between Cambridge and St Neots, in┬áthe small village of Toseland you can find the 'Dinky Drinky Box', a charming converted horsebox bar. Cursed without a pub of its own, Toseland and the surrounding villages now have an opportunity for locals to get together and socialise with a few bevvies every month over the summer … Continue reading The Dinky Drinky Box 2 – Toseland

The Bottle Bank – St Ives

I popped into the Bottle Bank in St Ives this afternoon after hearing it mentioned several times across our Craft Beer In Cambridgeshire Facebook group. St Ives is already blessed with some great places to buy beer and alcohol, such as J Wadsworth (which is also one of the only place you can buy cigars … Continue reading The Bottle Bank – St Ives

Spotted: Juice Rocket @ The Cutter Inn – Ely

I popped into the Cutter Inn today after a long hiatus. During my last visit, which must have been a couple of years ago now, I was disappointed that they had removed my favourite Czech beer (Pilsner Urquell). Imagine my delight however once I returned today to find Juice Rocket from local producers Three Blind … Continue reading Spotted: Juice Rocket @ The Cutter Inn – Ely

The Prince Regent – Regent Street

After a very flat and uninspiring meal at Cuba Libre for mother's day, we decided to pop in to the Prince Regent for a couple of pints. I used to drink here all the time but it has been a couple of years since my last visit. I was not expecting much to change as … Continue reading The Prince Regent – Regent Street

Pastore Brewing & Blending – Waterbeach

Pastore (pas-tor-ray) is a Cambridgeshire based brewery which specialises in mixed-fermentation sours. The name 'Pastore' is Italian for 'Shepard' which was chosen to highlight their English and Italian routes. Located in my home town of Waterbeach, Pastore Brewery has been a place I have wanted to visit for a while but due to being open … Continue reading Pastore Brewing & Blending – Waterbeach