Yori – St Andrews Street 🇰🇷

We are painfully lacking in Asian content on the Cambridge Foodies, especially Korean food. Which is a shame, as Korean food is one of my favourite cuisines. I used to eat it all the time in my twenties, back when I used to spend a lot of time with Korean friends cooking different dishes after visiting the Seoul Plaza on Mill Road.

My wife and I decided to pop into Cambridge for some lunch and a bit of shopping last weekend and we found this lovely looking Korean place called Yori, so we decided to give it a try.

The restaurant is very small and we had our new born son with us (who had the inevitable push chair and bags with him) so we were unsure whether we were going to fit. Luckily, it was between lunch and dinner time, so it was not too busy. The staff were also very helpful in accommodating us and were kind enough to move a table across so we could fit in and enjoy our meal.

The tables have QR codes which, when scanned, brings up the menu on your phones so you can place your order digitally. For an old bugger like me, this felt very innovative. Though for some bizarre reason my phone kept bringing up something entirely unrelated, so I had to use my wife’s phone.

I was surprised how quickly the orders came through on the app. Ordering an extra rice during my meal, it must have been on our table within 30 seconds.

The waiter went through all the food on the set menu to give us an idea of what was coming. He also explained how the food was supposed to be eaten, which is great for people who are either inexperienced or have not had Korean in a long time.

Bang bang

I decided to go full Korean and try a can of ‘Bong Bong’. This is a very sweet grape soda. In fact, it even had lumps of grapes in the drink! I absolutely loved it! Surely that counts towards your 5 a day? 😂  Either way, I found it a great novelty being able to try some Korean products that you would unlikely be able to find anywhere else in the UK.

We ordered something called ‘BBQ Set 1’ which is made for two people to share. It cost to £45 and came with a bottle of Jinro Chamisul. This is soju, a clear colourless alcoholic beverage. It’s quadruple-filtered with bamboo charcoal and blended with Finish fructose. This is a very clean tasting drink which won’t be to everyone’s liking as it has a sharp aftertaste. It comes to around wine strength but is drunk in shot glasses.

We were given a selection of bean sprouts, cucumber, and seaweed as a complimentary starter. Naturally, it came with a big bowl of kimchi too. These were versatile dishes that were great to pick at while we waited for the rest of the food in their own right but were also good at complimenting the rest of the dishes which were due to come out.

We were also given a bowl of rice which accompanied a spicy pork, kimchi, and tofu hot pot. This was one of the more exciting dishes of the meal, especially for people who like that added kick. Though it was spicy, it was not so hot that my wife couldn’t enjoy it, making it very accessible to everyone.

We were also given some of the freshest lettuce I think I have ever had. I am not a big lettuce fan but this was so bold, crisp, and succulent. The leaves were huge and big enough to use as a wrap. This added a great texture and an added crunch to what we were eating. It did get a little messy but was all part of the fun.

The star of the show had to be the pork belly served with onion and peppers. Portions were about right for two people and were great to pick at with the chop sticks. We were given BBQ side sauces which really complimented it well. The pork was great quality and ever so juicy. The best thing about the meal is that you could make it your own. The pork went really well in a lettuce wrap but also was good enough in its own right to dip in the BBQ sauce.

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our lunch at Yori. We had zero complaints about any of the food. It was also great sampling Korean products that you would otherwise not see in the UK, such as the ‘Bong Bong’ and the Soju wine. Prices hovered around the £55 mark, which is a lot for lunch, but the service was very fast and the staff were extremely accommodating. My only complaint was that I didn’t feel as full as I would have liked. This is likely not to be an issue with most people as I am quite big and can really put the food away.

Raising my son in the family business

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Smoke Works – Station Road

We all know Smoke Works. It’s been a Cambridge institution for some time now, offering American style BBQ food and a great selection of beer on tap.

I haven’t been since my first visit to their Free School Lane venue in 2015. The restaurant really impressed me back then despite the disabled access which was restricted due to the historic limitations of the building, so I was really excited to see how far they had come in this time.

Upon entering, the place looks fantastic. A real gritty American style BBQ with lots going on. I have always thought that this would be the ideal place for a birthday event as it has a great bar, long tables, and a lively vibe.

The menu came with all the things you’d expect a BBQ place to serve. Ribs, wings, sausage, loaded fries, cole slaw, etc. Prices are about right and the menu was easy to understand.

They had some superb beers on tap too, including some of my favourites such as Juice Rocket by local brewery Three Blind Mice. I also noticed Big Bang Theory by Nene Valley. There was also Roadkill New England IPA, Smoke Vurks by my favourite Brewery Brew Board, and Neck Oil by Beavertown.

I went with what I knew and had a Juice Rocket by Three Blind Mice. I must admit, this tasted better than my visit to Drayman’s Sons a few weeks ago, which means they do great work in looking after their beers.

We went with some smoked “mac n cheese” fritters which came to £6.50. This came with an absolutely lovely BBQ dip. I thought they were really meaty, a good size and perfect to share between two people.

Just switch it!

It’s worth noting at this point that the staff here were simply excellent. They were some of the most attentive staff I’ve met in a long time and were overly polite and energetic.

Smoke Works uses a switch system where the table can call for help by flicking a switch. I really liked this system, especially considering the staff were at our table almost as quick as the light switched on. We really couldn’t fault the service!

After slaving away at their “Mac n cheese” fritters, I decided to quench my thirst with a Big Bang Theory by Nene Valley. This is a perfectly balanced pale ale which is versatile enough to go with any of the food served at Smoke Works. I’m not sure if this was selected intentionally but it’s a great addition to our meal.

Everything at Smoke Works had been exceptional to this point, with the service, the beer, the interior, and the overall atmosphere of the restaurant being second to none. However, as the mains came out we couldn’t help but feel like the food was not meeting the standards of everything else.

My wife decided to go for the chicken burger with fries. This was by no means a bad meal but she felt underwhelmed by it. She also felt the garlic sauce was “not very garlicky”.

I went for the ribs and wings combo. This came with an absolutely fantastic coleslaw with a very succulent corn on the cob. The ribs lacked any serious meat which was disappointing. The wings were quite anemic too but were saved by a lovely spicy sauce.

Reading this, you may feel like I’m being too harsh but there was nothing wrong with the meal. Personally, I feel the restaurant is a victim of its own success by offering absolute sensational service, a brilliant atmosphere, and a superb selection of locally sourced craft beer. In order for the food to keep up would have to be extraordinary but it felt average. It was a disappointment set by the high expectations of the experience.

Not only does Smoke Works do so much right…but does it absolutely perfect. It just falls flat on the one thing it’s set out to do, BBQ. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by Daniels Dips Sauce hot wings and ribs but I can’t help but feel like they didn’t quite meet the expectations they set for themselves.

I still absolutely recommend this restaurant. It’s the perfect place to start off a night out or have a party but if you are a foodie looking for a high end BBQ then I can’t help but feel like there could be better alternatives out there.

There is no doubt I’ll be back in the future and I can’t wait to do so!

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Holy Burger – St Ives

Tucked away in a St Ives industrial estate is Holy Burger.

This food van has been on my radar for a while now, yet has always managed to escape me for one reason or another. Today I thought I would take the plunge and finally see what it had to offer.

Holy Burger first caught my attention due to their social media page showing examples of utterly gargantuan sized burgers (even by slightly warped advertising standards). As burger joints often leave me feeling a little underwhelmed for the money, I was hopeful that I might finally find a place which satisfies my stomach or my wallet (or both).

Looking at the menu, I couldn’t help but laugh at their hilarious biblical names for all their burgers. The Baby Cheesus, The Holy Porker, and the Good Samaritan. These names all give little clues into what the burger contains but the menu gives a detailed description to help guide anyone who may get confused.

There was also a good selection of sides. Many other food vans offer a very limited choice, so this was good to see. Loaded Chips, Mozzarella, Onion Rings, Slaw, and Mac & Cheese, you name it.

Being my first time I wanted to try their signature dish, so I decided to go for the infamous Holy Burger.

As mentioned above, many burger places leave me feeling like I’ve not quite had a full meal, so I ordered some pulled pork chips to go with it…just in case.

This came to £18 in total. £10.50 for the burger and £7.50 for the pulled pork chips.

When the burger came out I realised what a fool I was ordering the pulled pork chips too! This thing was a monster! The photo really does not do it justice but it was one of the largest burgers I’ve had outside of a Hungry Horse restaurant.

What immediately hit me was the size of the bun. Many places fall flat by cramming in as much as they can without thinking about how it’s all going to be held together. This leaves the bun unable to cope with all the sauce and juice which leaves the entire thing disintegrating in your hand. This simply isn’t the case here, as you can see, the bun is perfectly sized to hold this beast together!

Their signature black garlic ketchup does not look very appealing but really gave the burger a rich and very sweet flavour.

The Praying Porky Chips were also huge. I started to notice a theme here. These were chips doused in cheese sauce, pulled pork, their signature BBQ sauce, topped with spring onions. Absolutely fantastic!

I was really impressed with how much pulled pork it came with. For £7.50, this was a meal in itself and I couldn’t finish it after the burger. Bravo, Holy Burger, you have defeated me!

I was thoroughly impressed with Holy Burger. The portions were fantastic, the food delicious, and a good selection on the menu which gives you a reason to keep coming back. This is currently my favourite burger van and I have a feeling being so close to work that I’ll be coming back again! 👍

…Though next time, I think I’ll stick to just the burger!

Histon Smokehouse

I had the pleasure of celebrating the birthday of an old friend this evening, so we decided to pop in for a well over due visit to the Histon Smokehouse.

Located across the road from the green in Histon, this used to be the very popular Chinese restaurant, The Pheonix. Since its closure, i’ve had The Histon Smokehouse on my radar for a while but for one reason or another it’s always managed to escape me, so I was really excited to finally visit!

The village can be hard for parking but luckily the restaurant comes with half a dozen spaces around the back. This makes it very accessible for people coming from outside the village.

Leaving the car we noticed a lovely beer garden around the back, so we didn’t need to enter the restaurant itself.  The sun was out and it was lovely and warm – what better way to spend an evening?

After grabbing a seat we were promptly greeted by the staff and given a menu. Having a look we noticed a selection of different types of food all fitted around the barbeque theme. Ribs, steak, sausages, and chicken. There were also vegetarian and vegan options, as well as salmon.

Prices seemed to be reasonable. As we were driving we decided not to drink, so we didn’t get to see the beer prices…but these days I’m often too afraid to ask. 🙈 Walking through the bar briefly I noticed Estrella on tap which is a crisp smooth beer good for summer drinking.

We ordered some Loaded Fries (to share) which came to £8. These are chips loaded with smoked meat chunks, spicy beans, and cheese. The portion was just about enough to share between three people and were bloody lovely. The smoked meat made the dish really pop!

Upon ordering a main you are allowed to pick one sauce and two sides from the menu. All the mains come with a side of coleslaw and a pickle as standard.

It was also reassuring to know that Histon Smokehouse proudly boasts that its ingredients are locally sourced by local suppliers.

Flat iron steak with mash and corn on the cob.

My friend ordered the 6oz Flat Iron steak which came to £21. This was ordered medium rare which he said was mostly honoured. He thoroughly enjoyed his steak overall and would recommend it.

Korean BBQ ribs

I ordered the Korean BBQ ribs which were well presented on a plate with Histon Beans (Spicy beans) and corn on the cob.

The ribs were quite tough on the outside but became more tender towards the middle. I was expecting slightly more for my money here if I’m honest, though I suppose inflation is chipping away at the sides at the moment?

The corn on the cob was incredibly juicy and succulent. It appears to be boiled rather than grilled but was absolutely delicious. I think I prefer it this way!

I love the decorating at the Histon Smokehouse. They have some really imaginative ways of expressing themselves. I was particularly fond of the plant pot made of jeans 😂

Courtesy of the Histon Smokehouse website

It’s worth noting that they have a 30 seat function room available upstairs. They also have stalls available in the back of the garden which are available for hire. This gives Histon Smokehouse great flexibility to host events or projects.

For more information on Histon Smokehouse make sure you check out their website.

Don’t forget to check out what the rest of The Cambridge Foodies have to say about Histon Smoke House…

Just had the most amazing full English at Histon Smokehouse. Everything was cooked to perfection and the grilled tomatoes were the best I’ve ever tasted; dehydrated and cooked in sugar, absolutely delicious! The place is really welcoming and relaxed and the staff are super friendly and attentive. We will be back as I want to work my way through the menu! – Monique Hodges
🌟A great gluten free night out!🌟
Got a cheeky table last night at Histon Smokehouse (thank you football!) and what a cracking little place!
Service: 10/10
Food: 8.5/10
Atmosphere: 8/10
Value: 9/10
Best service we’ve had in a while anywhere, quick to deliver, great with my coeliac requirements (their staff were knowledgable and reassuring) and friendly!
Food was banging. Great quality meat and delicious sauces. Portion sizes were good – a touch on the larger side for me! What would have made it a 10? Chips were slightly undercooked and not seasoned enough, and ribs were slightly too cripsy on the edges (hardly something to moan about!). Dessert lush sticky toffee pudding (delicious but not GF) and I had a choc orange Jaffa stack – really flavoursome and good textures there!
Feels like a really nice local vibe (has market stalls), looks like they’re just branched out into brunch too. And above all for me, another coeliac GF-friendly local place! – Leanne. Ehren
After our breakfast envy from the other weekend we though we visit the Histon Smokehouse and give them a try. Sunday morning 9.30 table booked.
We were greeted by an amazing host and as we were first in the restaurant, had a choice of tables.
The service was quick, friendly. Took time to chat and go through the menu.
2 adults English breakfasts and one kids. Bottomless tea, coffee and an apple juice.
On the background, just so it can be heard was playing Bill Withers live from Carnegie Hall. Maybe not to everyone’s taste but I thought it was rather nice.
Food was quick. Bacon was perfect, sausages were amazing and the eggs cooked to perfection.
There was nothing on the plate that was not right and the beans served in a little mug rather a nice touch. £23 for the three of us, would have paid more.
Definitely returning – Sava Tihov

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Bills BBQ – Sutton In The Isle.

After discovering this gem while scrolling through the Cambridge BBQ Club, I was adamant that I was going to take advantage of a brand new Texas style BBQ stall located in my very own village of Sutton, near Ely.

It is not often we get excited over anything food related in our village. Despite the villages many great qualities, Sutton has always lacked on the food scene, so I was keen to get down there this Saturday afternoon and see what all the fuss was about.

Upon arrival I noticed a long queue spilling off into the road. Mildly frustrating but living proof of the demand for quality food in the village. The best thing about Bills BBQ is that free beer is offered while you wait…yes, you heard me! Free beer!

It took around 20-30 minutes to get to the front of the queue but with a free beer and the sun out, the time just flied by. It was also nice to see people in the local neighbourhood getting into the spirit of the day, with children wearing Bills BBQ t-shirts, and neighbours talking about how the man running it (I presume Bill) was up at 2am getting the meat ready for today…that is clearly a man who has a passion for what he does! The staff here were also friendly and incredibly chatty which added to an overall lively and positive experience.

Looking at the menu, there were limited options. Clearly they are focusing on getting a few things perfect rather than spreading themselves too thin.

You are able to buy different types of meat here in 100g portions, which I noticed some people buy on its own. I decided to go for a pulled pork sandwich for £7 and purchased an extra 100g’s of pulled pork to go into the burger. This brought the total up to £10.

This is not cheap, so this was going to need to be something special to justify the cost.


The sandwich (burger) didn’t take long to come out and was put into a polystyrene container to go. As I purchased an extra 100g of pulled pork the portions were fantastic. I highly recommend doing this for anyone thinking of visiting. I presume the original sandwich comes with 100g, so that gives an estimated 200g of pulled pork in the sandwich.

There were options for pickles and BBQ sauce (which I decided to go for) that complimented the sandwich perfectly.

The pulled pork sandwich was immense. The pork was so juicy and succulent with a lovely smokey taste. Just how I would imagine true Texas style to be! 

I’ve struggled to find a burger joint in Cambridge which has managed to meet my expectations over the years, with places which as Honest Burger and Herbies being average at best but Bills BBQ has managed to not only meet my standard but go beyond it. 

The price is on the expensive side, there is no escaping that, but with a free beer all can be forgiven, especially since some places will charge you up to £4 for a bottle alone.

It is also worth mentioning that the burger bun was fantastic too, and something which is not often discussed with burgers. The bun was strong enough to hold together through the entire meal and did not break under the succulent pulled pork and sauce. This is something which many places fall flat and I think it worth noting.

I highly recommend Bills BBQ and look forward to it popping up again. Make sure you keep your ear to the ground and follow them on Facebook.

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Inferno BBQ – Ely

Located 5 minutes walk from the Ely train station, next to a free car park, and just across the road from the beautiful riverside jubilee park, Inferno BBQ is perfectly located for locals, visitors and tourists alike.

It’s also easy to get to, sandwiched between everything you’d want to visit in Ely, and offers a unique experience in the Ely food scene which has been desperately missing for some time.

Daniel, Jack, Simon, and Sean.

Upon entering you notice that the place is bigger than you first think. From the outside it looks small but as you walk through you realise there are lots of little rooms in the back which give it enough capacity to seat small parties. I really liked the booths which made it a more cosy and intimate experience.

The interior decorating was authentic but basic, yet still had a few nice touches, such as the copper pipe lights and a lovely wooden bar. It’s early days in the restaurant’s rebirth since its closure last year, so it was understandable to have a few things left to tweak. The lighting was quite dim which added a nice warmth to the restaurant but unfortunately made it hard to take good photos.

I was really impressed with the menu. It has a lot of varied choices which stay true to the BBQ theme. Burgers, steak, smokey dogs, loaded fries, mac & cheese, and ribs. You name it! There was even a kids menu offering a set menu for £5.49 which makes it accessible for families.

There was also a selection of milkshakes and “freak shakes” (which are basically milkshakes on steroids). Naturally my son couldn’t resist the temptation of the freak shakes so one had to be ordered.

There was a great drinks menu too. One of the things which caught my eye was the selection of cocktails going for 2 for £10. There was a selection of bourbon ranging from Jack Daniels to Bulleit Bourbon, rum and gin, as well as draft beer available too.

One thing I noticed was the pricing on the menu. Everything was competitively priced yet they didn’t scrimp on the details which a lot of people would consider important in their food. The buns are baked locally, the burgers are made in house, and the beef is sourced from Norfolk (they even have their own recipe sausage!). I felt that this is a place of great value which would be perfect to bring the family or meet up for dinner before going on a night out without fear of breaking the bank.

The caramel freak shake was a sight to behold. My boy is generally a bottomless pit with no end to his appetite but even he had to admit that it was very filling. He gave it two thumbs up!

The staff here were excellent. A young team of 4 who were as attentive as they were chatty. We asked them to show us the best of what the restaurant has to offer so they brought out a selection of personal favourites of theirs which did not disappoint.

The first example was corn bread, which I had never had before. This stuff was one of the highlights of the evening for us. It was almost like a savory cake. It was served with a side of butter which was universally popular across the table. (Sean was very impressed with how moist it was, as he makes his own from time to time). We highly recommend this for anyone looking for something a little different.

The pulled pork nachos were another good choice. For £7 was a great option for sharing between friends. The pulled pork is not going to beat the quality of Pigcasso but for £6.99 and on nachos was enough to compliment the starters well. Sean felt the guacamole could use some improvement as it was quite runny, but overall the only mild criticism would be the portion sizes of the sauces.

We decided to order a wide selection of dishes to get an idea of what Inferno BBQ has to offer. The waitress was happy to share some of her personal recommendations which induced loaded fries, slow cooked BBQ ribs, and pulled pork burger.

Everything came out in good time. Nothing was rushed out like it was sat in the back under a heat lamp but we weren’t sat there wondering where our food was either. The restaurant started to fill up with a lot of different groups popping in and a lot of talk behind the bar about people ordering deliveries. We got a chance to chat with Steve (the restaurant owner) who was very busy but still managed to come and say hello. He mentioned that Inferno BBQ was on Just Eat, Deliveroo, and Uber Eats.

The pulled pork burger was a popular addition at the table. What I liked about the pulled pork here is that it’s very succulent which made the burger very juicy. It was served with crispy chips, which had a lovely, almost dirty feel to them, like they were cooked in properly seasoned oil. They worked really well and really suited the theme of the BBQ smoke house style restaurant.

My son’s Mac and cheese with pulled pork went down like a lightning bolt. The garlic bread was grilled which made it quite dry with little charcoal bits. This is not to my personal taste but it didn’t seem to bother my son.

The waitress recommended the Cherry Bourbon BBQ ribs which is one of her personal favourites. These were slow cooked and served with a giant spiced sausage. The sausage being their own recipe was absolutely killer and was one of my favourite parts of the entire meal. The ribs were a little fatty which is something Sean really liked but was not to my personal taste. That said, I would still highly recommend it as the ribs were well cooked and fell off the bone. The portions were terrific.

My Texas Hot Rack of ribs (with chips topped with steak in a peppercorn sauce) was a generous portion which added an exciting fiery addition to the meal.

I’m a real hot head and love my spicy food. The ribs were excellent and had a bit of a kick to them, which should be enough to challenge the average Joe.

Extra hot sauce – not just chemically hot pain but delicious!

Steve was kind enough to send out some extra spicy sauce as he knows my tastes, which was another addition I would highly recommend. It was a sauce which went well with everything else we had this evening but also was not one of those cheap chemically hot sauces which substitutes heat for flavour. This was a very carefully balanced sauce which I really respected the restaurant for using.

We also noticed Cambridge made Dips Sauce being sold at the bar which is something we always welcome at the Cambridge Foodies! Not only do they sell the sauce but they use it in their chicken wings which was something we simply had to try!

The wings were crisp and incredibly tender. These were a perfect balance of sweet and spice which makes a refreshing change from the usual hot wings you normally see. The 10 we ordered didn’t last long on the table at all, these would make a great starter or side with the Smokey Smashburger. We also liked them presented in the cage which gave it that really BBQ feel.

Everyone was truly defeated after their meal. This is a restaurant of not only great value but also large portions which gives places like The Hungry Horse a run for their money, with the quality being significantly better, mind.

The waitress brought out the dessert menu which was met with groans of pain and suffering. My son felt like he might be able to fit a dessert in for a few seconds but that soon passed. We decided to pass on dessert mainly due to the risk of our stomachs splitting!

We want to thank the team at Inferno BBQ for the wonderful meal. It was great finally being able to visit and see what all the hype was about.

It is exciting to see another restaurant back open in Ely which adds more diversity to our foodie scene. Inferno BBQ offered great value and enough quality to please all levels. It’s accessible for families but also die hard foodies. If you aren’t from Ely it’s still easy to get to from Cambridge being near the train station and also accessible by car. You’ve really got no excuse!

Highlights for us were the corn bread, spicy sausage, and ribs. Make sure you check them out!

Thanks for reading.

The Regency Club – London.

When I say that a place has been well over due for a visit, The Regency Club REALLY has been one of those places which has been well over due for a visit. Mainly down to its slightly awkward location in north west London, in the suburb of Queensbury, the place is a bit of a mission to get too from Cambridge.

The Regency Club, for mainly that reason, has eluded me for well over a year…That is, until now.

Recommended to me by numerous people from The Cambridge Curry Crew Facebook groupTwitter (@CurryCrew) and many different online reviews, The Regency Club is a place which seems to have a sensational reputation for choice, style, customer service and quality. I have been foaming at the mouth to try The Regency Club, and for good reason.
At last, I made it!
The Regency Club stands out like a sore thumb in the streets of Queensbury. Located on a nice little green in the midsts of numerous phone shops and off licences. Here it stands proud with its golden sign and marble walls.
Upon entering we were warmly greeted by the man at the door. We were struck by the beautiful stain glass ceiling which seems to be the trade mark for The Regency Club. The bar too looked fantastic, you could see across into the open kitchen at the chefs cooking away, something I always find very reassuring. I also noticed that they had a selection of their own beers – The Regency Club FOUR and The Regency Club PILS.
A light beer which works well with their food…and for £3 a pint!

While we were all being shown to our table I was blown away by how friendly and warm the place was. Every waiter I walked past shook my hand. I even had a gentleman who came to greet me and to wish me a happy birthday.

I felt like a celebrity.

I had no idea how he knew it was my birthday. I put this down to their fantastic online presence through Facebook and Twitter where I sometimes communicate with them, so I might have mentioned that it was my birthday a few days prior. Either way, this goes to show the level of communication and attention to detail they take with their customers. Please check out their profile on The Regency Club Twitter page, their Facebook page and The Regency Club website, you will not regret it.

Once we sat down we were put at a small table at the back of the restaurant which seemed a little small for 7 people. In fact, I noticed that the area took a very sharp turn from classy stain glass ceilings and open plan kitchens to very average pub like surroundings. We had a TV with the cricket on above our heads and the tables were basic and a little cramped. Either way, we made it work but it was hardly the glamour of the Regency Club promotional video.

Once we were settled we looked at the menu and was incredibly pleased with the diverse selection of food available.

There were a few chef specials on today including something they only have on the menu once a month – The pulled lamb naan, which just so happened to be TODAY!
So naturally I couldn’t control myself and decided there and then what I wanted. There were a few things which has been recommended to me by friends which I felt obliged to try, so I ordered the mixed grill, their famous lamb chops and the garlic mogo (garlic and chilli wedges). I ordered a bit of a mix of food to get more of a diverse idea about what The Regency Club was about.

There was something for everyone here! The usual Indian food most people come to expect from standard Indian restaurants now days, such as curries and tandoori chicken. They also do a fantastic selection of grilled meats, pan fried fish, vegetarian food and spring lamb. I really couldn’t see anyone leaving here
unfulfilled, there was so much choice!

While we waited for our food we ordered some beer. We went for a few pints of The Regency Club’s PILS. I was incredibly impressed with the cost of their beer, coming to little over £3 each. I really didn’t feel like I was in London at all!
The beer itself hardly blew me away, it came across as a little watery, but a part of me thought that this went well with the type of cuisine they serve. Being mostly heavy and spicy meat, a nice light, watery beer might be just right for the occasion. Either way, for £3, I can hardly complain.
The food all came out in fantastic time. This was one of my favourite things about The Regency Club. The staff were never a bother but there was always someone lurking around if you needed anything. They were incredibly attentive and efficient. As you can see by the photo, we ordered a lot of food and had to resort to stacking empty plates on top of each other to make things work.
I felt from the start that they had put us on a small table for 7 of us, but again, we made it work and the staff were quick to take things away which were no longer of use.
Garlic mogo! 
The garlic mogo was one of the stars of the show for me. Such bold flavour and crispy on the outside, yet soft texture on the inside. I have been thinking about their garlic mogo for days since visiting and really couldn’t recommend these enough to anyone. £5.20 might seem a little steep for chips but I assure you they are well worth it and great to share.
Lamb chops!
The lamb chops were incredibly decent and not too dry. The portions were good and they were presented well. They had a great flavour and my girlfriend, who is not a big eater, made quick work of them – Which speaks for itself!
I keep thinking about the pulled lamb naan!
The pulled lamb naan was my favourite dish of the evening. At first I thought paying over £9 for a naan was steep, but that was until I saw the amount of lamb they put on this monster!  The naan itself was huge and covered in a yoghurt sauce which made the texture incredible. The lamb was succulent and very juicy. You could tell the naan was made fresh as it was so soft. The yoghurt really brought it all together too, which created a divine dish big enough to share between all 7 of us! I really hope they find a way of introducing this on to the menu every day because it pains me to know people are missing out on this!
My mixed grill was great. It consisted of chicken tikka, kebab and Mushkaki. The meat was bursting with flavour and the portions were generous. The meat might have been a little dry but it was all easily forgiven. There were some Regency Club sauces on the table to help me with that anyway.
Regency Club chutney and mint chutney. 
Upon finishing…well, maybe not finishing, I had ordered way too much to ever finish…but when I was done, the staff took our food away.
Again, they were very on the ball here. They were really good at making sure drink were flowing, empty plates and glasses were taken, yet at the same time it didn’t feel like they were getting in the way. They really had it down to an art form.
Damn you mother!
My family thought it was be a great idea to embarrass me with a birthday cake, so sadly I didn’t get to try any dessert here.
When we got the bill we were surprised about how reasonable it all was. Especially when quantity, choice and quality was considered. As promised, the beer was still only £3 too.
Bravo guys!

Thumbs up with a food full of garlic mogo!
The Regency Club takes customer service and revolutionises it. They made us feel like a star walking in and made us feel like pigs walking out! Their staff were fantastic at what they do and were able to keep a small table between 7 reasonably spacious and were always around when we looked up to get attention. They were polite, friendly and professional. It really made their service feel like an art form. Their social media activity is second to none and I highly recommend you check them out on Twitter and Facebook.
The food was incredible. I can safely say that if this place was any closer, I would be an obese man in a mobility scooter by now! The choice, the quality, the way it was prepared. It was reassuring to see their chefs doing what they did, and doing it so well in a spotless kitchen. The food came out quickly and didn’t let quality suffer because of it! All the meat was bursting with flavour, especially the pulled lamb. I really couldn’t recommend the pulled lamb naan and garlic mogo enough.  These two dishes were the stars of the show for me. I have been thinking about both dishes every day since dining her, and I trust you will do the same.
Their beer was average by its own merit, but it was fantastic value. The style of the beer worked with the spicy food served so you can see why it was made in that way.  Being quite light and watery was a good balance but not something I would ever order while at the pub or at home. They have obviously thought about this well. I don’t think a Czech beer would have mixed well with heavy Indian food so they got it spot on.
The place is incredibly classy upon entering. The stain glass ceiling was beautiful, I loved the fish tanks too. Their bar was long and being able to see through to their open kitchen was incredibly reassuring, it was a nice touch and made the place feel very lively. I was a little disappointed by the very pub-like location where we were seated, with the small table and TV above our heads. I really hope it isn’t like that in the rest of the restaurant.
There is no doubt in my mind that I will be coming back soon and when I do I will be exploring the many many more things left on their incredibly diverse menu which I want to try.
Thanks for reading!