Pastore Brewing & Blending – Waterbeach

Pastore (pas-tor-ray) is a Cambridgeshire based brewery which specialises in mixed-fermentation sours. The name 'Pastore' is Italian for 'Shepard' which was chosen to highlight their English and Italian routes. Located in my home town of Waterbeach, Pastore Brewery has been a place I have wanted to visit for a while but due to being open … Continue reading Pastore Brewing & Blending – Waterbeach

The Bridge – Waterbeach

After an afternoon sailing down the river Cam in my friends fancy new boat we decided to pop by an old favourite of mine, The Bridge in Waterbeach. The Bridge has it all. A large dog friendly beer garden along the river, a classic and tastefully decorated interior, and a good selection of premium beers. … Continue reading The Bridge – Waterbeach

Indian Kitchen – Waterbeach

I grew up in Waterbeach, so I'm aware of the quality offered by the predecessors of Indian Kitchen. Having spent dozens of wonderful evenings at both The Slap Up Tandoori and Bollywood Spice, it was always going to be hard for Indian Kitchen to compete with my nostalgic rose tinted memories. Naturally, I was keen … Continue reading Indian Kitchen – Waterbeach