Ed's beard review of Curry Garden (2010)

Originally Posted: 30/05/2010
Hello and welcome to my review of the Curry Garden our illustrious groups second full meet.
My arrival somewhat delayed to the venue i arrived to the greeting of a waiter who directed to the table, my first impressions of the place were confused. This was mainly due to the interior layout, i couldn’t see the majority of the resturant from its entrance and was only aware of the table from the waiters directions. This also led to a second problem i had with the place, the use of space inside. The tables were cramped against the walls and did not give way for much room with higher amounts of people. I figure however this is a minor problem when one comes to the view of food and quality of service, so i leave these problems up for debate.
Goodbye all… until the next review that is.. summary picture up as soon as the pics from the meet are up.

I move from this first impression onto the thought of decor. The resturant seemed to be holding to a more modern aspect of decoration, very minimalist with hints towards its ethnic origins, even those the architecture inside could easily be mistaken for more latin orientations. I realise these observations are purely on a personal level but an establishment which doesn’t really feel like its giving much effort to a surrounding doesn’t give much expectation towards the quality of its menu. These slight initial problems aside i move onto the service and food itsself. Given my late arrival and scanning of the menu i still got a chance to look at the offering of food given to the prospective customer. I was very dissapointed in this sence. With other resturants i have entered the vegetarian option has been abundant over all choices and alas this resturant failed even on this most basic of options expected from such a resturant. The options of which i talk were limited to 3/4 main options of which i chose the Kashmiri. The service however was fairly speedy in its execution with all of the curry’s and side dishes delivered at the same time. This is aside from my naan bread which appeared half way through our meal which was a definate downside of the entire experiance. The curry itsself was definately of note if not just the presentation but it being the closest to the description of spice i have seen of the resturants in cambridge to date. That is however the only good sides i can say of my curry. Others had worse views of its spice and taste, especially content of vegetables and meat. I think in conclusion of our time spent at this place the company made up for a lot of the downsides of this resturant. Sure the portions were good and the food was very well presented but it lacked a certain.. feeling which really retracted from the overall atmosphere of the place. This was also the first resturant in which i tried out my e-cig and no complaints at all were recieved from the staff. I think though in conclusion it was a fairly mid range resturant, good in parts but sevearly lacking in others, i was initially going to give a higher rating but due to its lacking i will give a definate 3 beards out of 5. and as an addition to my reviews i give a quote which may or may not be enitrely related to the resturant.. this may give more reference to the theme than anything else..

“Oh, Edmund… can it be true? That I hold here, in my mortal hand, a nugget of purest Green?”
“Yes indeed, Percy, except that it’s not really a nugget but more of a splat.”
“Yes, my Lord. A splat today, but tomorrow, who knows, or dares to dream…”

– Blackadder II, Money

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