A quick review of a take away from Sylhet – Ely!

A very fast and friendly service from the Sylhet Tandoori in Ely tonight. My food was ready within 30 mins and the staff were incredibly warm and chatty.
Sadly the food didnt meet the same standards though with the Vindaloo having incredibly dry and flavourless chicken. It was very mild too, even though it was requested hot on order. Everything you don’t want from a Vindaloo.
The Saag Aloo was delicious and very generous with the spinach. Even though this was mixed with the curry I still didnt have any left over for the next day which implies small/average portions.
The poppadoms were slightly above average but were sadly accompanied by a horrible lime pickle and mango chutney, even though the onion mix was very generous and quite tasty.
Currently the Sylhet is sitting in the shadow of its next door neighbour, the Montaz, which still remains (in my opinion) the no1 Indian in the city of Ely so far!
I will revisit soon as Indians dont generally put their best chefs on a Monday night!

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