Curry Queen – Mill Road

The Curry Queen gets does everything right. The curry, the service, the value.

I’m so glad to be back at one of my favourite Indians tonight – The Curry Queen.

This place offers no particular gimmicks or novelties but quite simply manages to do an absolutely sterling job of the fundamentals every single time. Service was polite, friendly and welcoming. The restaurant has a great view for people watching on the street (and trust me, you see some right characters on Mill Road!) and the food was superb!

The menu had a great selection and it was all reasonably priced. They even had a valentines day promotion for all you love birds out there. I went for my usual chicken tikka vindaloo with mushroom rice.

My friend had that Balti which came with a naan bread. While we waited for our food we had some papadums which came out with the four usual suspects (mango chutney, pickle, yogurt and onion salad).

Everything here was done so well, as we have come to expect from the Curry Queen. The only issue was the yogurt was very runny which spoiled it for me a little but was no means enough to ruin the evening.

The main course came out only a few minutes after we had finished our papadums. Everything was timed and presented excellently and the visual presentation looked great.

The vindaloo was exceptional. Its the first vindaloo to actually challenge me with its spiciness. The chicken was also tikka’d properly. The mushroom rice was fantastic and the portion was just about right – No complaints all round!

My friend enjoyed his Balti and naan, though his side portion of chips was a little under cooked. After the meal we received a very decent hot towel, a chocolate each and the bill. Again, all the fundamentals were there. While other restaurants try and scrimp on these little extras to save money, Curry Queen carries on the tradition!

The meal came to little over £30 for the both of us which was fantastic value. Especially these days!

The Curry Queen, a restaurant which has been doing good business in Cambridge for decades, has shown us that you don’t need massive refurbishment or a gimmick to show you a great dining experience but simply offer a warm and friendly welcoming and do some damn fine grub.

I can’t see the Curry Queen going anywhere!

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