The Sylhet – Ely

The Sylhet is one of the best indians in the ely area

We had a lovely meal at Sylhet in Ely.

I’m always well looked after at The Sylhet and I kick myself for not coming back sooner every time I visit. Everything here is always executed perfectly and the customer service is excellent. You can really tell this is a small independent place and I can see why it’s such an institution in Ely.

It was great to see that Kingfisher beer was still on tap and their menu now have a lot of new duck dishes – including duck curry options.

There is something for everyone here with all the classics we know and love but also a selection of specialist dishes too. North Indian dishes, Shashlik (Indian fajitas!), and dishes you don’t often see in some Indians such as Salee and Archer curries.

I really recommend their king prawns. They are one of the strongest things on the menu. I’ve visited with friends in the past who have complimented their quality.

They also do incredible lamb. You know a restaurant is good if they can get the lamb right. This is a meat where so many restaurants fall flat but if you are going to visit make sure you check it out!

The Sylhet has fantastic lime pickle. I often find that a restaurant either does a small portion of very good lime pickle or a large portion of average lime pickle but here you get the best of both worlds!

The wheelchair access here is also really good and has an excellent disabled toilet. This is something that a lot of restaurants struggle with if they are in an old building, so it’s well worth the credit!

The chicken vindaloo is superb, as always. They always managed to get it just right. Some Indians are now doing hot curries mild, as too many customers are forcing them to take it back into the kitchen and make it milder. I’m glad that the Sylhet is keeping with tradition as this is how it should be!

Another night another great meal from Sylhet. The team here always know how you treat you and they are consistent at doing so.

If you are ever in the Ely area and fancy a curry make sure you check them out! You won’t be disappointed!

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