Sutton Tandoori

Sutton Tandoori smashes it out of the park with a lovely curry

Time and time again I’ve given the Sutton Tandoori a chance and every time it’s failed.

Being my local Indian I suppose I’ve wanted it to be good so much that I’ve often overlooked it’s failings for a long time.

I’m not sure why but I decided to give it ANOTHER chance tonight and…I was simply blown away!

My chicken tikka vindaloo was superb this evening. If they could do it like this every single time then this would be my go too for every meal.

The meat was tikkad perfectly, it was hot, it had excellent favour, and was served with excellent onion bahjis. The mushroom rice was pretty average but the curry itself more than made up for it.

The peshwari naan was fantastic, as was the saag aloo.

This is the Sutton Tandoori I want to see more of!

Bravo to the chef on tonight!

Do more of this guy’s! Great work!

Phone: 01353 777965


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