Highlands of Bluntisham

An amazing selection of craft beer at Bluntisham

What an absolute result!

Living in the fens, I had long accepted that I was going to have to drive all the way into Cambridge for craft beer or spend my entire life ordering it from the internet.

Thanks to the wonderful people at Craft Beer In Cambridge I have now been made aware that there is a shop only a few miles from my front door which sells a fantastic range of craft beer, specialist beer, and international beer.

Highlands of Bluntisham is located at the BP garage in…yup, Bluntisham. I drive past this place every single time I go to work and have never given it a second thought. Located opposite The Lounge, you’d be forgiven in thinking that this is a place which does the usual petrol station convenience beers such as Fosters and San Miguel.

After my tip from the community at Craft Beer In Cambridge I decided to investigate myself, not expecting much. However, what I ended up finding was an exceptional selection of craft beer.

There is a wide range of beers available. Some refrigerated, some not. I noticed a lot of IPA’s, Bavarian Oktoberfest style beers, Belgium beers, and fruity beers. Brew Dog naturally made an appearance but also some familiar cans from the Aldi craft beer selection such as Sierra Nevada too.

One particular beer took me eye from my days travelling around Belgium, Kwak beer. Famous for its completely impractical beer glasses which require a stand to hold. I still have one of these absurd glasses in my home from my trip many years ago, so I will be trying that out soon.

Look how thin and young I was with my Kwak beer!

So, naturally. I was unable to contain myself and ended up spending £40 on an assortment of beers which took my fancy. The beers here were hovering around the £4-5 mark for the Burnt Mill cans. I am really looking forward to trying these as a big fan of East and West Coast IPA. Bavarian beers were roughly £2 each.

I grabbed some Trappistes Rochefort which are a brand of top fermented bottle conditioned beers from Belgium. I am really looking forward to trying these as Belgium (IMO) produce some of the best beers in the world. These are wine strength, which I think I am going to struggle with as I drink FAST.

Best be careful!

I also grabbed another Schlenferla helles beer. This is the blue label version of the yellow label I am drinking at the moment which is famous for its very traditional ways of producing smokey beer. This one seems to be a bit more subtle than the one I am on now, which is just as well, as I am struggling to finish more than one at a time at the moment due to its intensity. I look forward to trying this one out.

All I can say is that I am over the moon with my discovery today. I highly recommend any craft beer drinkers in the triangle area between St Ives, March, and Ely to check it out.

I look forward to hearing the feedback from others who venue our this way and have a look.

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