Toast On Cheese – Northstowe

It was a Saturday morning and I had a spare couple of minutes to myself, so I decided to swing by Northstowe and see what was up for grabs.

I always love checking out Northstowe as it always has some sort of food van offering a unique take on classic dishes. The best thing about the town is that you really can just swing by and park up. Other places (like Cambridge) purposely make it a baffling ordeal just to visit, so it’s such a refreshing change!

Today, it was Toast On Cheese, a delightful food van which serves cheese toasties and coffee. A very simple concept which does exactly what it says on the tin. When I first heard about it I struggled to understand how they were going to make the humble cheese toastie exciting, so I was very curious to see what they had to offer.

If you don’t like cheese toasties then you are out of luck, as the menu is pretty much limited to that. Luckily, no such person exists, so there shouldn’t be anyone left feeling like there is nothing on the menu for them.

Prices are £6 across the board with a vegetarian option being Vintage Cheddar, Red Leicester, Wholegrain Mustard, and Spring Onions – which sounds absolutely delicious!

It was hard making a decision with so many tasty sounding toasties on the menu, especially with the Pulled Pork special trying to tempt me. But being my first visit, I decided to go for something more text book and went for the Honey Glazed Ham, Vintage Mature Cheddar and Red Leicester.

There were quite a few people waiting around for their food (which was a good sign!) but the wait was still only ten minutes. The staff were delightful and communicated with everyone really well.

My cheese toastie didn’t disappoint and was delicious! The bread especially stood out as it offered a perfect crunchy texture which complimented the warm gooey centre of the cheese. This is real comfort food, perfect for a cold and bleak winter afternoon.

My only criticism would be that the toastie could have been a little bigger. This might be enough for most people but being 6’4 this may only satisfy my hunger for a few hours.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Toast On Cheese today and can safely say it was the best cheese toastie I’ve ever had. I originally struggled to understand how you can make something so simple stand out…but they’ve managed it!

Make sure you check them out and pay them a visit! I’d love to know other people’s opinions and hear about the other dishes they have to offer!

Thanks for reading!


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