Our Cambridge Foodies visit the Green Room – Sawston.

One of our very own Cambridge Foodies, Polly, visits the Green Room in Sawston.

“I thought the food was really tasty, very well cooked and the atmosphere relaxed and welcoming. Staff were attentive and friendly.

The prices, however, were very steep for the portion sizes in quite a casual setting and the menu not very varied in choice. Also, the drinks and cocktails were very good, but again, not cheap and on the smaller side.

A good place to nip in for a coffee or drink or two but perhaps not often for food unless you can afford it regularly.

Plus, with the decor, I quite enjoyed how they had redone the general area (and the modern toilet aesthetic and the open kitchen area were a nice touch) however, the floor seems to be the original mismatched grey and orange flooring from the previous Co-op that closed down many years ago.. I thought that might have been updated to fit the more modern aesthetic of the other design elements chosen.

Maybe my own expectations were too high for an exciting new type of business opening in Sawston, but there was talk of live events and more areas for creatives to use, which I haven’t seen evidence of yet. There is an upstairs area that is currently not open to the public, that may be used for this? These events are referred to on the website to start from early 2022, but may just be delayed or under advertised? If future events like this come to fruition it may help to make it a more versatile venue in time..

On the whole a nice place for a night out, but a little disappointing in some areas for me.

What are your thoughts?”

Another Cambridge Foodie, Karin, also was kind enough to share this breakfast waffle which is served at the Green Room.

The Green room in Sawston is causing quite a stir on the Cambridge Foodies
One sweet with Rhubarb & one savoury with bacon & fried egg!

Don’t forget to check our our Admin, Daniel’s, full review of the Green Room here for more information.

Thanks for reading!

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