Meah’s curry sauce – Willingham butcher.

Meah’s madras – £4.35 for a tub which will serve two.

I came across this lovely curry sauce in the Willingham butcher this weekend, so decided to give it a whirl (along with some butcher quality chicken breast). The tub serves two and costs £4.35.

They have a wide range of every curry you can think of, though I noticed that the vindaloo was missing. Along the side of the container it says you make a vindaloo by buying a madras and…adding a table spoon of chilli powder 🙄

I chopped up the chicken, threw in some potatoes, and stirred in the sauce into a slow cooker and left it on all day. It took me about 30 seconds to prepare. It’s just that simple.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Madras. It reminds me very much of my mum’s curries as a child. It was pretty hot and tasted great.

There is only enough for 2 modest portions, so be careful. It reminds me very much of my mum’s curries as a child.

Overall, I loved it. It is perfect for those week day curries when you can’t wait for the weekend visit to one of our many fine Cambridgeshire Indians.

It’s hard to know if I will work it into my weekly dinner rotation however. More often than not we have three people to feed, so a tub won’t be enough as it barely covers two. I think an extra 25% would make this a steal.

Thanks for reading.


Has anyone else had this? What do you think?

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