Renus takeaway – Milton Road

I love the chaps at Renus takeaway. Every time I visit or order from them I am greeted with smiles and a chatty team.

It doesn’t sound like much but good customer service always makes a positive difference. Even the delivery guy was on top form this evening.

This is what 30 years experience gets you. By building strong relationships with their customers they are rewarded with loyalty which lasts decades.

The first thing which strikes me with Renus is their opening times. Opening at 4:30pm means that for people like me (who have the eating habits of a 90 year old man) you no longer have to wait till 5pm like an animal to get a curry! 😂

Looking at the menu there was a good selection of food. I noticed things were mildly more expensive than the standard takeaway prices but I know this is something myself (and many others) don’t mind paying for quality.

There is a lot of stiff competition in the area, especially near Mitchams Corner, so having the choice to order high end doesn’t make the area feel over crowded.

I was visiting a friend in Waterbeach, so I was really pleased to hear that they delivered to the area. Being exactly 5 miles from the takeaway, that’s pretty good going.

I decided to order my usual, the chicken tikka vindaloo, saag aloo, and mushroom rice. My friend orders onion bhajis and a Begun Bahar.

The Begun Bahar is a chicken and mince cooked with “exciting spices”, onion, garlic, coriander, green chilies, mushrooms, and special red sauce served “fairly hot”. 🔥

Began Bahar.

All the food really popped and was visually stunning. There were so many exciting colours and interesting varieties in the food – it really was a visual feast! Renus, without a doubt, does some of the most beautifully presented food I’ve ever seen from a takeaway.

As they say “the first bite is with the eye”.

The onion bhajis were a curious sight with bright and vivid purple and red colours. I failed to take a photo of the centre but biting into one revealed a bright red colour. They were quite meaty too, certainly better than a lot of other onion bhajis around (I’m looking at you, Spice in Sutton!).

Top – Began Bahar, middle – saag aloo, bottom – mushroom rice.

The saag aloo was incredible. One of the best I’ve had in a long time, in fact. The portions were also very generous. If you are a big fan of the saag aloo then Renus has to be one of the best examples of the dish in the city.

My vindaloo looked a bit unusual but there was certainly nothing wrong with it. It lacked a little flavour in my honest opinion but was served with a real kick, just how I like it. I did ask for it extra hot but this is usually met with deaf ears with most restaurants but not at Renus…They really listen to you. The chicken was tikka’d perfectly.

The peshwari naan was a good size and you could tell it was made fresh.

Sean’s Bagan Bahar was met with mild disappointment. The dish was enjoyed but for £15.50 you expect a lot from a dish, even if rice was included. The meat quality was described as “excellent” but even though the dish was very nice, Sean felt there was a lack of spice and flavour despite it being described as “fairly hot” and “exciting”.

Overall we had a good meal at Renus. They rarely disappoint and tonight was no exception. They really take pride in their service and offer a customer service infrequently matched elsewhere. The fact they are willing to travel 5 miles to drop off a curry deserves praise and is a testament to their dedication to provide a quality service.

Make sure to check them out!

Phone: 01223 313233


Thanks for reading!

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