Rumbles Fish Bar – Sutton

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Rumbles Fish Bar. The village went crazy when it opened alongside the Co-Op last year, so I was itching to try it.

It was about damn time too, as Sutton significantly lags behind places like Haddenham and Willingham for pubs and foodie hotspots. In fact, even with this new opening we still are, which explains the huge queue this evening when I popped in for a kebab with my son.

The menu had a good selection. For a better view click the link here. They do everything from pies, to fish and chips, to kebabs, and burgers. They even do fried chicken.

Prices were…very expensive. Two kebabs and a drink each came to nearly £20. I was expecting something special for this price.

The donner kebabs were pretty good. Portions were generous and the meat was of reasonable quality (for a kebab).

I’ve rarely had a kebab sober so it’s hard to compare to others but I can’t help but think that Rumbles struggles to keep up with other iconic kebabs like Carlos Kebabs on Mill Road.

For £8.50, I expected something which exceeds the ordinary. This kebab was good by all means but it certainly was not meeting that standard I expected. In fact, other than good, there is little other way of describing it. It’s definitely the product of a chain restaurants.

Maybe this is inflation rearing it’s ugly head but the price was significantly more than I am willing to pay for a kebab.

The queues out the door clearly speak for themselves but this may be due to a lack of options in the village more than anything.

Maybe I’m out of touch, maybe I’m getting too tight in my age, or maybe in Sutton there aren’t many other places to go?

Where is the best kebab in Cambridgeshire?

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