Jack’s Gelato – Ely

A short and sweet review today at Jack’s Gelato in Ely.

I must admit, I never realised this place even existed until today. I’ve walked past the giant ice cream numerous times in the past and it has never twigged that they sell ice cream here. 😂

Obliviousness aside, my sister was kind enough to recommend this place and treat my son and I to a quick ice cream on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, so we thought we would give it a go.

I’ve not been a huge fan of Handis Gelato in the past, so was not sure what to expect with this one.

Safety first.

I presume for COVID safety reasons, they are limiting numbers in the shop. If you are looking for an ice cream you are to wait by the entrance and someone will serve you.

Service was fast and polite with very little waiting at all.

There was a decent selection on offer with my son ordering the Salted Oreo and my sister and I both having the Mint Stracciatella (mint chocolate chip).

£2.50 seemed like a reasonable price for a single scoop of ice cream on a cone. If you are struggling with the recent inflation prices and want to keep your costs down then there is a choice to have a scoop in a cup for £1. Bargain!

The ice cream was very nice and just the right size to keep the heat off on a busy Saturday afternoon in the city. I must admit, I certainly preferred it to Handi’s Gelato which tasted cheaper and was an extra 50p for three.

I’ll certainly be coming back.

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