The Copper Cup – Littleport

The Copper Cup is a Littleport based afternoon tea delivery service which I had the pleasure of sampling this weekend.

We all love afternoon tea, no matter who we are. There is something just so accessible and universally British about it. Whether it be the tea, the sandwiches, the scones covered in cream, or the selection of sweet treats afterwards. It really has it all.

Thanks to The Copper Cup, you can now have it delivered to your door to use for any occasion. Sat at home with the kids, in the garden on a sunny day, or taking it out with you for a picnic. It’s really up to you!

Everything is made to order, so comes fresh. It’s really easy to carry around and a doodle to transport. Though the box is quite small it is absolutely packed.

We started off with the sandwiches. The selection comes with cheddar cheese and chutney, chunky egg mayo, baked ham and rocket, and a chicken mayo wrap. Enough to just about feed two people.

For seconds, we had a vanilla scone which came with cream and jam. We also had a sausage roll with chutney, (which was amazing!). The Victoria sponge was also a nice touch and added extra variety.

The real stars of the show for me were the sweet treats. A wide selection of easy to manage bars, brownies, chocolate covered strawberries, and rocky roads, all made to a high standard. They were absolutely lovely and incredibly generous portions for something which I assume is a portion for two.

I absolutely loved our afternoon tea with The Copper Cup and will certainly be looking at using them again. What I enjoyed most was trying to think of ways where I could make the most of its portability.

Some of the best ideas we’ve had as a family were on a boat, taking it to the Newmarket races, or even into Cambridge on a punt along the river. It’s really as easy as that, as everything is neatly contained in a manageable box.

If you are interested in The Copper Cup then don’t forget to check them out here. They also do events.

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