Handi’s Gelato – Ely

We went out for gelato in Ely this summer to treat the family

A rather average experience at Hadis Gelato in Ely today.

Nothing overly wrong with it but after having an ice-cream cone from Ely Fudge Company the other day, I cannot see myself coming back here.

£8 for three ice creams which felt very small. Ely Fudge was able to do a bigger and significantly more delicious ice-cream for roughly the same place.

That said, there was a good selection of ice-cream including bubble gum, mint chocolate chip, and Oreo.

You won’t be left with something which doesn’t fit your mood.

The place was very clean and there is a nice little seating area which is nice for socialising (something which Ely Fudge doesn’t have).

The service was good too. I don’t want people thinking I’m putting Handi down as it’s a perfectly good place in its own right, I just feel like there is better value in the city.

Has anyone else been here before? What are your thoughts?

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