Hot Numbers – Shepreth

The wife and I had an early morning appointment on the other side of Cambridge today, so we were looking for somewhere quick and easy to grab brunch.

There is not a tremendous amount of options available in the area for brunch, so we decided to go to our trusty tried-and-true favourite, Hot Numbers.

The weather has been stunning lately and by 9am it was already nice and warm. Luckily Hot Numbers has a lovely garden with great seating options.


We covered a review last year which was filled with unanimous praise, so we were comfortable knowing that we were going to get a great meal here. Hot Numbers is also popular on The Cambridge Foodies which shows it has not only my approval but a cult following in the community too.

The prices here are completely reasonable considering the quality and there are some great options available. You won’t find many options for a full blown meal but they are absolutely perfect for breakfast, brunch, and lunches. Every time I visit this place is absolutely filled with people having casual business meetings which like to take advantage of the great coffee and manageable portions which are quick and easy to order.

Some of the best coffee in Cambridgeshire.

They take their coffee very seriously at Hot Numbers. They use the Giesen Roasting programme to accurately analyse the roasting process to get the exact result they want from their coffee…and it completely pays off! So you’ll forgive me for taking a photo of a half drunk coffee as I simply couldn’t wait!

I went for the Bacon Maple Buttermilk Pancakes which came to £8.50. These are pancakes with poached eggs and bacon covered in a maple syrup.

This dish is incredible! The poached eggs were absolutely perfect and just burst all over the pancakes. Having 3 streaky bacon strips really gave it a crispy pop! This was one of the best brunches I’ve ever had and I don’t say that lightly. So many restaurants have left me feeling flat with pancakes, so it was great to find a place which can get me excited about them again!

My wife had poached eggs on sourdough. This came at a much more competitive £6.50. She doesn’t think sourdough is at its best when it’s toasted but it looked fantastic to me! This also came with bacon which was an extra £3.

The entire meal was complimented by the stunning garden overlooking a field on a hot summers morning. Everything was absolutely perfect and exactly what the doctor ordered.

It’s not hard to see why Hot Numbers always has such a buzz about it. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a bad word uttered about it. The only reason I’m not here regularly is due to logistical reasons. A place like this would do very well out in the fens!

Thanks for reading.

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