Jack’s Gelato – Bene’t St 🇮🇹

Located on one of the most exciting foodie streets in Cambridge is Jack’s Gelato.

Every time I walk past Jack’s Gelato there is a queue forming out the front, which is quite impressive considering you can get Gelato everywhere these days. Jack’s clearly has a good reputation and is a place I’ve been longing to visit for some time but for one reason or another I have never managed to pop in.

There was a great selection ranging from more well known flavours, such as vanilla, coffee, and chocolate, all the way to more experiential and unusual flavours such as Japanese whisky nikka, cinnamon biscuit, and rhubarb & rose sorbet. They even do a mystery flavour which changes every day to add a little excitement and to keep you coming back.

One of my favourite flavours is vanilla, which is hard to get right. When it’s done well however, it will blow any flavour out of the park. Jack’s Gelato has managed to do a perfect example of what vanilla gelato can be. I was also impressed to see that it was only £2.50 for a single scoop. For Central Cambridge in the middle of an inflation crisis, that’s pretty good going!

The secret flavour was Speculaas (cinnamon biscuit). My friend had this with stracciatella stacked on top. He is a man of few words but chooses his words carefully, so when he described it as “great”, he really means it.

The honeycomb gelato, a thing of absolute beauty!

This was also served with speculaas in a two scoop cone. The honeycomb was the only flavour which made me think twice about my choice of vanilla.

This was described as “a very exciting taste that did not get boring throughout. I enjoyed every bite and loved the crunch of the cone towards the end”.

This is an absolute must!

We were all throughly impressed with Jack’s Gelato. Clearly worth the queue, especially considering the exciting choices and competitive prices. Top marks! 👍

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