BrewBoard takes over Green Street.

After hearing the devastating news of The Swoop Retail Taproom closing down on Green Street recently, I was left feeling anxious about what was going to replace it. The Swoop offered a wide range of local products from craft beer master classes, chicken wing take over events, and Hot Numbers coffee. It was a perfect shop for anyone like myself who loved to sample locally sourced products in one handy place and it was going to be a hard to replace. 

My fear was that it was going to turn into another blasted charity shop but luckily another familiar company has decided to take over and continue to offer locally sourced craft beer – BrewBoard. 

For those of you who aren’t already aware, BrewBoard is a Harston based craft beer producer which has appeared on the Cambridge Foodies Blog many times before. Also, making frequent appearances on our Craft Beer In Cambridgeshire Facebook group too. So, I was delighted to hear that they were now going to be more accessible for people, as their Harston brewery is a bit of a journey, mainly due to being located in the heart of an industrial estate. 

Upon entering, the venue was quite bare. This can be forgiven, as they have only been open a few weeks, but I look forward to seeing what they do with the place down the line. You can see that they have used some of their kegs from the brewery as seats and had some of their iconic framed art work on the walls to give it a personal touch. The place was busy, which was great to see, with some people coming all the way from Peterborough just to pop in. There was seating downstairs, so the place is bigger than it looks when entering. Nobody was left without a seat, so it can easily hold 40-50 people. 
The bar offers their BrewBoard selection, including their recently redone Beasticus (which is one of my favourites). There are other types available from their Porters, Gose beer, NEIPA’s, and dry hopped lagers. There should be something for everyone here, especially since they also have a giant fridge full of their cans too. You have to be a fan of BrewBoard to drink here as I saw no other selections of beer. 

The atmosphere was great and there was enough seating for all. They had a hilarious photo cut out board of some of their art work to help entice people from the streets.  Being the excessive man child that I am, I decided to embarrass myself with a photo. 

I am really pleased to see Brewboard in Cambridge, as they have previously been very hard to access (unless you want to buy their cans from a third party). There is nothing quite like drinking it from draught, as it really brings the quality of their beer to life. I am going to really miss The Swoop Retail Taproom as it offered a wide selection of local products but if it is going to be replaced by anyone, then it has to be Brewboard. 

I wish them the best of luck! Long may they last! 

Thanks for reading!

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