Baron Brewery – Hertfordshire

Now, I know this is the Cambridge Foodies and technically Baron Brewery is located in Hertfordshire but after popping into The Filling Station the other day, I was recommended them by the team. I can never say no to their recommendations as they really know their stuff at The Filling Station. We have also been known to stretch our boundaries outside of Cambridgeshire in the past, with visits to Newmarket restaurants, so thought it would be appropriate to share my most recent discovery. This is only a short distance from Royston, so is easily accessible to you Cambridgeshire based craft beer fans out there!

Baron Brewery sees by themselves as a playground where every batch is different. Everything is made for the fun of doing so and every batch is entirely unique. Who knows, the one you are drinking right now may very well be their best! They mostly specialise in modern style beers, such as highly hopped ales and lagers.

The first I tried was the Dojo, which is a 7.4% double dry hopped IPA. This supposedly has a “crazy high hop rate”and is created with a slightly lower mash temperature to encourage fermentation. I’m not technical enough to know what all that means but it was certainly bloody lovely and probably my favourite of the bunch. It had a real intense fruity flavour and a deep floral finish.

Next on my list is the Blue Monday which is a 6.5% ‘juicy’ IPA. This was much lighter than Dojo and was specifically made to cheer you up on this dark and very cold winter Mondays. It may have been a Wednesday but it is mid January at the time of writing, so I felt like it was an appropriate time to have one. It is very smooth and light with citrus elements (grapefruit?). It lacked a little depth but was clearly aimed at easy drinking. It certainly cheered me up none the less so did exactly what it set out to do!

Last but by no means least, a more sessionable little number called Thrift. Coming in at 4.6% which makes it a lot easier to pound on weekends. This is hopped with “with some old school classics” both Amarillo and Columbus.

I thoroughly enjoyed my little session with Baron. I could certainly see myself getting a few of these again. The Dojo was especially up my street and I really enjoyed its sticky intensity. Coming to £6.70 a can, this is hovering about what you could expect for a double IPA and I will definitely keep an eye out for the Dojo in the future. Once again, the team at the Filling Station gives me sound advice. Maybe they should start a consultancy?

What do you think? Thanks for reading!

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