Ollie visits House Of Spice – Hastlingfield

Cambridge Curry Community moderator visits the House Of Spice.

“I finally had the opportunity to eat at the new House of Spice in Haslingfield on Friday. This new restaurant is possibly closer to me than one of my favourite Indian restaurants so I have been quietly absorbing comments and feedback about the place.

What I’ve heard has been along the lines of “it’s really great, really good food, nice place” at best to “not as good as x but it was good”, nothing bad per say so I went in with an open mind kind of expecting to be able to pick up on multiple forgivable faults while still expecting it to be good, does that make sense?

I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised to be completely wrong. I can’t really find fault in my experience. Lovely warm welcome, pleasant decor, excellent service and really, really good food.

I was particularly pleased with the 5 condiments in plentiful supply with the papadums, very rarely have I ever not eaten every last spoonful.

The mains were impeccable, I had a spicy king prawn Naga dish and the gentleman serving quickly cottoned on to my desire for heat and brought out a bowl of delicious Naga pickle on the side. My mum had a chicken tikka Rogan Josh wish she said was really good. The rice was perfect, the naan was perfect, the onion bhajis were crispy and full of flavour and we were given complimentary Bombay aloo.

I was absolutely stuffed, the portion sizes were formidable.

Honestly, I was impressed, if I were to really dig for criticism I’d say it’s slightly pricier than other restaurants in the area but what isn’t going up in price these days? And you certainly get what you pay for here.

Thank you House of Spice. That was top notch.”

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