Welcome to The Cambridge Foodies!

“Quick to reference, straight to the point, and without the waffle. Honest reviews from real people”.

The Cambridge Foodies are a community of people who love to share their passion for all things food related in Cambridgeshire. Originally based on our Facebook groups, we have now expanded onto our brand new blog to consolidate all the best reviews into one place. We cover everything from food vans, restaurants, pubs, and craft beer. Everyone is welcome to contribute, so for anyone looking to join our foodie army, please do not hesitate to get in touch here.

For those of you who are already familiar with our community, welcome!

All operations in our groups will still be operating normally. We have created this blog to centralise and organise all the best content from the groups into one place and make it easier to find. Currently, we have a lot of great stuff being lost in the noise of the group and it can be a challenge to find. This blog looks to end this.

Make sure to click the menu above and have a look through our back dated posts!

You will also find us featuring bi-monthly on Velvet Magazine and the popping up on the Be Social Cambridge website. Make sure to check us out! 

Press and media:

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