Simon’s top Cambridgeshire burger joints (updated frequently)

Honourable mention: Steak & Honour

I have put Steak & Honour in my list as a show of respect to the Cambridge Foodies. Our poll back in 2021 had them as the clear favourites out of our 6000 members. I’ve only visited once back in 2018 and found them decent enough. I tried to visit them again in 2022 at the Haddenham Cherry Tree pub but they were in such high demand that there was a two hour wait, so I had to miss out. That said, it’s only a good sign if demand is so high!

Cambridge Foodie co-owner and admin, Sean, makes a visit in 2021. Check out his review here.

My Sid Vicious 2018
Sean’s burger

5. Holy Burger – St Ives

I was thoroughly impressed with my visit to Holy Burger last year. So many burger joints focus on quality ingredients that they forget we also want a BIG BURGER too.

Their Black Garlic Ketchup is absolutely killer and their hilarious biblical names really give their food some extra charger.

Cambridge is the undisputed king of Cambridgeshire when it comes to burgers, so it’s great to see a place with such quality and quantity outside the Cambridge bubble.

4. The Alex

The Alexander Pub is a place you would not expect to find a top quality burger but I was blown away by their Canadian style Celine Dion last month. Everything was done to a great quality and you could have an IPA while you’re at it!

I’m not the only one who is a fan of The Alexander Burgers, with other Cambridge Foodies also claiming this to be the best burgers in the city.

3. Grill Plug – Cambridge

Grill Plug is very new to the scene. Located in Cambridge, this delivery only burger joint will deliver to Cambridge and some of the immediate surrounding villages. It has made a real impression on me during my recent visit with their unique style of smash burgers, incredibly moorish chicken wings, and painfully messy (and incredibly fun) waffles.

The team at Grill Plug really pay attention to the details, especially with their ingredients. Ordering beef which has been locally sourced from a small farm. If you love burgers and haven’t given them a go yet, then you are doing yourself a real disservice!

2. Pigcasso

What makes Pigcasso so special for me is that it’s a little different from other burger joints in all the right ways. I have always had a problem with the cost of burgers in restaurants, as they come out to roughly the same cost as a Thai or Chinese, yet they are just a bun and mince with a few potatoes. Pigcasso however manages to give you superb quality pork with a very generous portion. This is possible due to food vans having no significant mark ups to worry about. Better still, they come to you, saving you the painful slog into Cambridge.

It’s the succulent texture of the pulled pork which wins it for me with Picasso. It’s the sort of thing I sit there and think about while I am supposed to be working or laying in bed….I really need to visit again!

1. The Taj Tandoori – Cherry Hinton Road

The Taj Tandoori is not only one of my favourite Indian restaurants but also one of my favourite burger joints too. Their infamous Shamee Burger fuses together the very best of what makes a burger and Indian/Bangladeshi food great.

A spiced lamb patty, with grilled paneer, an onion bhaji, with tamarind sauce in a brioche bun. This is perfected by being excellently presented alongside some crispy masala chips.

Better yet, the Taj Tandoori is BYOB so not only can you have a beer alongside it but you aren’t looking at £4-6 a pint either, making it very competitively priced.

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